Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Five {BEST} Things About Knott's Soak City

Disclosure: We were invited as guests to enjoy the opening day of Knott's Soak City 2017. All opinions are our own.

It's almost summa-summa-time and I am ready to sit back and unwind.
There is something about summer that makes me want to chill to my favorite
Will Smith songs and kick it at the water park. So I was really excited to be
invited to opening day at Knott's Soak City to check out the new 2 acre expansion
that added SEVEN new water slides to the soak-tastic line up.
So, let's find out what's new and countdown the
and why you should add it to your summer bucket list.

Just when you didn't think that Soak City could get any more awesome,
they expanded by 2-acres and added seven new slides!!!  These new slides
includes Shore Break which adds 2 dueling tube slides and
four Aqua Launch chambers that drops single riders into a high speed free
fall down a 60-foot tall slide full of drops and loops.

Both of my big kids LOVED the Shore Break dueling slides. These new slides
have a single or double rider option. Isabella said it was a blast to zoom down
the tube slides with her friend and never know what drop was coming just
around the next turn.

JT was the only brave enough in our family to try out the Shore Break Aqua
Launch chambers. He said you stand inside and then wait for the floor to
drop out from beneath you. Then he said you free fall down the 60-foot slide
through a bunch of drops and loops. He can't wait to do it again!

The kids loved this new family friendly water slide! It can accommodate up to six
riders, so everyone in the family can enjoy it! You all ride in an open raft and zip
down hair-raising twists, turns, and unexpected dips. This was by far Isabella's
favorite. She's a daredevil is someone can share in the adventure, so this is the
perfect thrill ride for her. You need to check out
my YouTube video of our day
to see the awesome footage my friend Jaime captured of them riding
The Wedge!

While Longboard's Grill isn't new to Knott's Soak City, it has returned with a new
remodel and expansion! This means the same great theme, but fancy new digs
and some yummy new menu items. You'll still get your classic favorites like
grilled burgers and hot dogs, but now you can also enjoy hand breaded chicken
tenders, fish and chips (YUM!), and assorted wraps.

Something I learned while we were there - they don't have lids or straws for their
cups! In an effort to reduce waste they've done away with this items for your
beverages. So, the safer bet is to get a reusable cup and fill up at one of the NEW
refill stations. Then your 3-year-old can enjoy her Boysenberry Punch without
dumping it on the ground - oops!

There is something exciting about jump waves - especially when you're a kid.
Ok, when you're grown up too! I love the wave pool because we can all enjoy it
together, there isn't a wait, and sometimes you get lucky and find a stray tube
floating by so you bob up and down in the ebb and flow of the waves. If you're
under 48 inches you have to wear a life jacket. They are free and available to
use, but I brought our Puddle Jumper because Grace likes it better. Just make
sure your flotation devices are US Coast Guard approved!

My kids have always loved water - especially my oldest. He could never
understand why other kids didn't like being splashed or squirted in the face,
because he has always thought it was the coolest. 

So, THE BEACH HOUSE is the perfect place for him. He can join with all 
the kids that love it just like he does and wait for the giant red bucket to dump 
500 gallons of water on his head. I like that there are shady spots and chairs 
surrounding it, so he can get soaked and I can watch from a safe distance.

You have to be 42" ride the slides, but no minimum height to get squirted
in the face! Ha!

Those are our favorite things about Knott's Soak City! I was surprised that
all of my kids could have a fun time. That's sometimes hard to do when there
is an 8 year age difference and water is involved. But there is something for 
everyone, and we all had a great day beating the Orange County summer heat!
Until next time, Soak City!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TOO Cute Tuesday: Linky Par-Tay! #338

It's almost summer! Wahoo! We got a taste of summer this weekend
when we attended the opening weekend at Knott's Soak City and it was
a blast! They've opened seven new slides and my brave girl even tried a
few of them! She's come a long way, baby! Are you ready for summer?
What's on your Summer Bucket List?

Now onto TOO Cute Tuesday!

What did you make this week that is TOO Cute??
Come link up!

Must be made by you.
Link up to the specific post - not your main blog.
No Etsy shops or giveaways please :)
Please post the button or link back here so more people can join in the fun.
Visit some of the other participants and leave them some LOVE!

I changed the linky party so that the most recently uploaded project will show up as number one. This way everyone gets a chance on top. So, look in the first spot for your project, not at the end. Thanks!!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

DIY Father's Day Book {My Dad}

Back in my former life as a 2nd grade teacher, one of my favorite things I made
with my students was adorable Father's Day gifts. They were also so excited
to make a special present for their dads. So I made sure they made something
special that the dads would cherish and not hang in the closet to be forgotten
until it was time for Goodwill donations. So, we made a sweet and easy
"My Dad" Book that includes writing prompts and their original artwork.

I created a printable version of the "My Dad" Book with fun fonts and frames
that you can make with your kids. It's a great project for  kids of any age
because those that are too young to write can dictate to you and draw their
pictures and your older kids can show off their writing and artistic talent.

There are 6 double pages in the book - for a total of 12 pages.
They have writing prompts like "My dad and I have the most fun" or
"My dad makes the best" and lets the kids finish the sentence with their answers.

You will fold all the pages with blank/wrong sides together, so that you see the
writing prompts on both sides of the page.

Have the kids write and illustrate their pages BEFORE you put the book
together. It is easier and keeps the binding of the book looking nice. Grab
colored pencils and a free afternoon, when dad isn't around, and have the kids
work on their pages.

I printed the inside pages on regular copy paper, but I printed the cover on
heavyweight cardstock. I also have the kids illustrate the cover of the
Father's Day book before I put it together.
It's easier to maneuver and if someone makes a page they aren't happy with
(which never happens with my Type A perfectionist kids),
you can easily toss it and replace it and not have to take the whole book apart. 

When your child has finished all of their pages, it's time to put it together.
You will insert all the pages with the open side into the inside spine of the cover.

If you've assembled it correctly, yours should look like mine below.
The open/flappy part of the pages will be on the inside, and the folded edge
of the pages will be on the outside edge of the book.

It's an easy DIY project that you can finish in 2-3 free afternoons.
My super detail orientated little artist could spend a day on each page trying
to perfect the illustrations. So, if this is the case at your house too, then you 
might want to allow for a week to get it finished without stressing anyone out.

When you're all done, assemble as instructed above, and staple 2-3 times down the
spine of the book, being careful not to staple too far in so that it makes the pages
hard to turn or covers up your child's beautiful pictures and writing.


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