Tuesday, May 23, 2017

TOO Cute Tuesday: Linky Par-Tay! #338

It's almost summer! Wahoo! We got a taste of summer this weekend
when we attended the opening weekend at Knott's Soak City and it was
a blast! They've opened seven new slides and my brave girl even tried a
few of them! She's come a long way, baby! Are you ready for summer?
What's on your Summer Bucket List?

Now onto TOO Cute Tuesday!

What did you make this week that is TOO Cute??
Come link up!

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Link up to the specific post - not your main blog.
No Etsy shops or giveaways please :)
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I changed the linky party so that the most recently uploaded project will show up as number one. This way everyone gets a chance on top. So, look in the first spot for your project, not at the end. Thanks!!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

DIY Father's Day Book {My Dad}

Back in my former life as a 2nd grade teacher, one of my favorite things I made
with my students was adorable Father's Day gifts. They were also so excited
to make a special present for their dads. So I made sure they made something
special that the dads would cherish and not hang in the closet to be forgotten
until it was time for Goodwill donations. So, we made a sweet and easy
"My Dad" Book that includes writing prompts and their original artwork.

I created a printable version of the "My Dad" Book with fun fonts and frames
that you can make with your kids. It's a great project for  kids of any age
because those that are too young to write can dictate to you and draw their
pictures and your older kids can show off their writing and artistic talent.

There are 6 double pages in the book - for a total of 12 pages.
They have writing prompts like "My dad and I have the most fun" or
"My dad makes the best" and lets the kids finish the sentence with their answers.

You will fold all the pages with blank/wrong sides together, so that you see the
writing prompts on both sides of the page.

Have the kids write and illustrate their pages BEFORE you put the book
together. It is easier and keeps the binding of the book looking nice. Grab
colored pencils and a free afternoon, when dad isn't around, and have the kids
work on their pages.

I printed the inside pages on regular copy paper, but I printed the cover on
heavyweight cardstock. I also have the kids illustrate the cover of the
Father's Day book before I put it together.
It's easier to maneuver and if someone makes a page they aren't happy with
(which never happens with my Type A perfectionist kids),
you can easily toss it and replace it and not have to take the whole book apart. 

When your child has finished all of their pages, it's time to put it together.
You will insert all the pages with the open side into the inside spine of the cover.

If you've assembled it correctly, yours should look like mine below.
The open/flappy part of the pages will be on the inside, and the folded edge
of the pages will be on the outside edge of the book.

It's an easy DIY project that you can finish in 2-3 free afternoons.
My super detail orientated little artist could spend a day on each page trying
to perfect the illustrations. So, if this is the case at your house too, then you 
might want to allow for a week to get it finished without stressing anyone out.

When you're all done, assemble as instructed above, and staple 2-3 times down the
spine of the book, being careful not to staple too far in so that it makes the pages
hard to turn or covers up your child's beautiful pictures and writing.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mom and Tween Adventures in the 2017 Hyundai Elantra

Disclosure: We were given the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition to drive for a week. All opinions are my own.

My biggest guy is a tween. I don't know how it happened, but I blinked and my
little JT Boy is now a JT Manchild and I feel the time slipping through my
fingers. Luckily, he's not too cool for mom and son adventures yet and so I'm
always looking for things he thinks are "super cool" that we can do together. Two
things he still enjoys are animals and Pokemon GO. So when we had the chance
to test out the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition for a week, I made sure
we put it through its paces and squeezed every moment out of our mom and
tween adventures.

Our first Mom and Tween adventure was to the San Diego Zoo! JT has loved
animals since he could have favorites and that love has grown into the desire
to be a zoologist when he grows up. We've been to our local zoos several times,
but we've never been to the San Diego Zoo. It was the perfect chance to zip down
to San Diego in the 2017 Hyundai Elantra and see how it handled the highways.

The Value Edition doesn't have built in navigation system, but it does have
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay - which is super cool. You just plug your
compatible phone in via USB and you have navigation! In addition to navigation,
you can also access apps like iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Spotify, and 
Slacker Radio. 

The Hyundai Elantra Value Edition also comes standard with a rearview 
camera with dynamic guidelines and blind spot detection with rear 
cross-traffic alert and lane change assist. I love all these safety features
that come standard. I really think they go a long way to making drivers
more aware and everyone on the road safer.

We also popped into the Outlets at San Clemente to check out some rare
Pokemon. His desire to "catch 'em all" and my desire to bond with him have
turned us both into Pokemon GO enthusiasts. The Elantra is a zippy little
four-door that is easy to park and gets great gas mileage - making it
perfect to zip down to San Diego and search our the greatest PokeStops.

The maroney says you get 32 mpg with combined city/highway. I found it to
be more like 25 combined and around 20 mpg for just city driving. My city is
notorious for 50 mph streets and lots of stop lights - not the greatest conditions
for good gas mileage, but I thought the Elantra was right on target with its
gas performance.

I was worried that in a compact car, trunk space would be sacrificed. That
just wasn't the case! We loaded that trunk full with everything we needed for
our little road trip to San Diego and for JT's Friday Night Lights football game.
The trunk has 14.4 cubic feet of trunk space and when you fold down the
60/40-split rear seats you'll get even more room! I love the little cargo net
it came with that kept smaller items from rolling around the trunk.

The 2017 Hyuandai Elantra Value Edition comes with a 2.0-liter 
four-cycle engine that creates 147 horsepower. I loved it's zippy power 
around town and thought it accelerated adequately when joining onto the 
highway. I did notice that if I had to climb a hill or to accelerate quickly to get 
around someone on the highway that I had to put he pedal to the metal as they 
say and really get the gas pedal down to the floor to get that gumption I needed.

The interior of the Elantra was roomy and pleasant to look at. We all had 
plenty of leg room and I felt that the cabin was well insulated from outside 
noise. The dash display is pleasing to the eye and I liked that many of the 
controls I needed were found on my steering wheel so I didn't have to fiddle to 
do something while I was driving.

I really enjoyed the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition. I think it's a great
compact car with a great sticker price. It is perfectly sized for the family of 
four or five and would also make a great second car for a larger family. I would 
be glad to have my tween driving the Elantra in a few years. I'm glad I got to 
take a few more adventures in the Elantra with my tween before he's too cool 
to hang at the zoo with his mom for the day.

What is your favorite feature of the 
Is it a good option for your family?

If you'd like a full tour of the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition
then be sure to check out my 
It will give you an inside look and you can tell me how badly I need a manicure!!!


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