Thursday, October 20, 2016

Creepy Halloween Popcorn Cake

It's true that we love a good family movie night and especially when it comes to a
spooky Halloween family movie night. And if you're going to have a spooky movie,
then of course you need a really good spooky treat to go with the movie. We've made
a lot of fun and creepy treats to go along with our spooky movie nights, but this creepy
eyeball covered Popcorn Cake that I made might just be my favorite!

This slime inspired popcorn cake is equal parts creepy and delicious! It's really easy to
pull together and only requires a handful of ingredients. My kids always ask for popcorn
during the movie and it was fun to have popcorn in such a fun and funky form. The kids
were really surprised when I revealed this creepy cake that could watch them as they
ate it. You don't have to just use it for a movie night, it would be perfect for a
Halloween party with friends and family. You can whip it up in less that 15 minutes and
it's ready to cut in serve in about an hour.


2 bags microwave popcorn
green M&M candies (about 1/2 cup)
1 bags mini marshmallows
1/2 cup butter
green food coloring
gummy eyeballs

1. Prepare your pan by spraying with cooking spray or buttering generously. I used an
angel food cake pan, but you can also use a bundt pan. The angel food cake pan made
it really easy to remove from the pan.
2. Pop your 2 bags of microwave popcorn. I used one that is simply salted, but if you
love butter - go for the movie butter kind. Remove the unpopped kernels.
3. Melt your butter over low heat and then add in the marshmallows and stir until
smooth and shiny. Remove from heat and add in your green food coloring.
4. Pour over your popcorn and stir until all the popcorn is well coated and is 
nice and green.
5. Press into your prepared pan and let cool for about 45 minutes.
6. Pop it out and decorate with the green M&M's and gummy eyeballs.

I didn't want M&M's throughout the entire cake, so I just used them as a garnish.
If you want candy or any other creepy candies inside your cake, then combine them with
the popcorn before you pour the marshmallow mixture over it. I would let the
marshmallow cool for about 2 minutes before I poured it over the popcorn so you don't
melt all your candies with the heat.

There you have it, a delightfully ghoulish treat to enjoy at your next spooky movie night.
What's your family's favorite treat with a movie?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TOO Cute Tuesday: Linky Par-Tay! #307

As a LEGOLAND California Specialist, we were invited to attend
Brick-Or-Treat this past weekend and we had a blast! This is our 3rd
year as a guest and each year it gets better and better! The kids collected a lot
of yummy candy and had fun showing off their cute costumes!

Now onto TOO Cute Tuesday!

What did you make this week that is TOO Cute??
Come link up!

  • Must be made by you.
  • Link up to the specific post - not your main blog.
  • No Etsy shops or giveaways please :)
  • Please post the button or link back here so more people can join in the fun.
  • Visit some of the other participants and leave them some LOVE!
TOO Cute Tuesday will be open Tuesday-Saturday.
On Saturday or Monday I'll highlight some of my favorites
and then we'll start over on Tuesday!

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I changed the linky party so that the most recently uploaded project will show up as number one. This way everyone gets a chance on top. So, look in the first spot for your project, not at the end. Thanks!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

NEW Skillet Desserts at Huntingon Beach STACKED #FoodWellBuilt

 Disclosure: I was invited by STACKED to try the new Skillet Dessert. All opinions are my own.

Have you visited STACKED in Huntington Beach yet? Well, you'll want to get there
soon because for a limited time they are serving up their new Skillet Desserts and they
are delicious! STACKED invited me out to try this new dessert you can STACK any
way you like it with all the yummy offered toppings.

If you've never been to STACKED before, all your ordering is done on the iPad and
each menu item is fully customizable so you can have it just the way you want it.
You love the nachos, but you don't want avocado? Then simply remove it! You want
the fries, but you want some bacon, then add it on. It makes ordering so simple and
easy to do and you make sure you get just what you want each time you order.

The STACKED Skillet Dessert is exactly the same way. You choose your skillet from
six new delicious flavors: Butter Cake, Bread Pudding, Peanut Butter Brownie, Double 
Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chunk Brownie, Salted Carmel Brownie, and 
Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip. Then, you STACK it up with variety of toppings that
 include ice cream, whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate chips, 
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and more.

We chose the Salted Caramel Brownie and topped it with chocolate fudge ice cream,
chocolate chips, caramel and chocolate sauce, and whip cream! The skillet  is about
the size of a large palm and could definitely serve 2-3 people - especially after you ate
a delicious and filling meal like the STACKED nachos or burger.

Our Skillet Dessert was AMAZING! It was ooey and gooey and warm and all the
flavors were on point and super delicious. Grace dove right in and had her fair share
of the delicious dessert. We definitely needed a third person there to help us finish
it, because I hated to see any of the STACKED goodness go to waste.

STACKED in Huntington Beach is conveniently located off of the 405 freeway at
Beach Blvd at 7490 Edinger Avenue in Huntington Beach. There is plenty of parking
and the Bella Terra Mall is located across the street, so you can grab lunch or dinner and
get in some shopping! It has a cozy atmosphere with large, plush seating with booths,
a bar and a good sized patio for dining al fresco. They've got great Happy Hour deals
and with #FoodWellBuilt (because you STACK it how you want it) you'll definitely
find something everyone will love.

My little Grace loves the kids' meals. She always opts for the chicken nuggets and is
very happy when it shows up with two kinds of "beep" (dip) for her to enjoy. I like that
it doesn't come with a soda and it does come with carrots. The wait staff at STACKED
are great and always ready to help with whatever you need - especially if you've never
ordered with the iPad before and need a little extra assistance.

So, if you want to STACK your skillet dessert exactly how you want, then be sure
to get over to STACKED in Huntington Beach before this limited time dessert is gone!



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