A little bit about Funky PolkaDot Giraffe -
As of November 25, 2013 I have:
26,757 pageviews
over 15,100 unique visitors
2,175 Google Friends Connect Followers
2,715 Facebook fans

Would you like to be a Funky PolkaDot Giraffe FUNKY sponsor? You would receive a 150x150 square space to post a button on my side bar.  I would also highlight your business or blog in a collective post that highlights my sponsors. I'd talk about you during the month in tweets and Facebook messages. If you would like to host a giveaway along with your sponsorship that could also be a possibility. **NEW*** At least two posts a month will have a special "This post brought to you by" with your button/link attached at the end of them.

Cost:  $50 a month

Product Review/Giveaway
Guess who is a fiercely loyal customer? ME! Do you want me review your product and tell the world how awesome it is? You send me one of your products to review and keep. Then I write up an AWESOME post about your FUNKY and FABULOUS item along with the details of your giveaway. The giveaway would be open for a week and when it's over you would responsible for shipping the giveaway item to the winner. The product needs to be something my readers would be interested in, so please email me to see if your product would be appropriate for my FUNKY blog. Please contact me for more information.

Cost: You would provide the product for me to review (at least a $50 value), the product for giveaway, and all shipping costs.

Blog or Ad Space Swap
I would love to be a guest on your blog and have you as a guest on my blog. That way I can introduce myself to your readers and you can introduce yourself to mine. You could share an idea, tutorial, recipe or something fantastic you think my readers would enjoy.

I'd also love to swap ad space buttons. It would be great exposure for both of us to new audiences.

Cost: FREE

If any of these FUNKY options appeal to you please contact me at funkypolkadotgiraffe {at} gmail {dot} com


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