Thursday, July 15, 2010

WINNER! (and an executive decision)

First things first,
because I know some of you are going crazy with anticipation :)

The winner is . . .


Which is . .

Congratulations, Vivian!
You're the lucky winner of 3 things from my shop!

I made a tough executive decision last night.
Don't worry it's not too serious :)
I decided on Friday, July 23rd
I'm going to put the shop on a limited mode.
That means that items that are finished
and ready to ship will stay up,
but everything that is custom will come down
until September 1st.

I realized summer is half over and I want to be at the beach!
Girlfriend is in serious need of a tan!
So, if there is something you REALLY want
or something that I owe you from a giveaway,
then get it picked out by July 23rd.
I will possibly take custom orders if you contact me
and let me know what you need and I have time.

I'll still be posting here and showing you cool stuff.
I'm even like 80% convinced that I'm going to do a tutorial.
I know, it's a Festivus miracle.

So that's the news.
July 23rd
Tell your friends:)

Go get it!


Jaime said...

Yay! Vivian deserves to win cause she wrote the most awesome blog post ever!!! Congratulations!


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