Monday, January 31, 2011

My Funny Valentine & Her Zebra Bows

This is my little Isabella.
She is two going on fifteen.
She wore this fun outfit on Sunday and
I decided at 9am on Sunday morning she needed bows to go with it.
Luckily, we have 11am church this year!

Today she insisted on wearing it again, so I snapped some pictures.She loved wearing it to Costco,
and waving at people from the shopping cart,
like she was a beauty queen on a parade float.

And then she was done!


Unknown said...

I LOVE it!! My almost 3 year old wore brown leggings, a pale blue shirt, a Lilly Pulitzer dress, mardi gras beads, sunglasses, dad's ski hat, and red glitter Dorothy shoes from Home Depot yesterday. (at least you little cutie is into matching!)

Ashley said...

She's a sweetheart!

And . . . I wore an outfit very similar to this in 4th grade. Actually, I had 2 outfits like this. ;)

Ambrosia said...

I need a girl. Seriously. She's a doll!!!


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