Monday, February 21, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Our Valentine's Day

Even though I was in a funk,
we did have a fabulous Valentine's Day.

JT had a Valentine's day party at preschool,
so we spent the morning making his Valentines.

And then we made a treat to share!

The little one was sad that she didn't get to stay for the party,
so I took her to lunch at Chick-fil-a.
We love that place.
She's decided she's big like her brother,
and she wants a chicken sandwich now
and not just chicken nuggets.

That evening I thought I'd be clever
and just order a heart shaped pizza from Papa John's,
so that I didn't have to make it,
(again with the lazy dinner-making problem)
and then add heart shaped pepperonis to the pizza.

It would have been a fabulous idea,
except for the fact that the pizza was {ICKY}!
We {LOVE} Papa John's pizza at our house,
but we always get original crust.
We've never had thin crust.
Even the sauce tasted weird.
The kids endured it, but they pretty much just pulled
the pepperonis and cheese off the top :)

And we did have {LOVE} Potion.

My darling - works a lot in February - husband
showed up after dinner with
a bag of dried mangoes
a bag of Muddy Buddies
and a chicken bake
because by the time he got to Costco,
they were all out of flowers.
What a sweetie.
And those are things I'd rather have anyway!
He ate most of the chicken bake,
{a} I had already eaten
and {b} the pizza was icky.

The Saturday before Valentine's Day,
one of my friends carried on the tradition of the Valentine Party.

I used Mique's idea , but made my own cards,
and gave these to my friends.

And of course they got one of {THESE}!

Some of the cute Valentines I got
(that I remembered to take a pictures of before I ate them)

cute X & O hot pads from Jaime,

a table runner from Marianne

and a darling block from Melanie.

It's fun to have crafty friends.

How was your Valentine's Day?

P.S. I'm still sad I never got THESE or THESE made.
The flu and the hives just threw me off.
Next year . . . next year . . .


Dawn said...

love the valentine's you made for your son-so cute! sorry your pizza was icky-that's the worst-ordering food out and it doesn't taste good.

Katie said...

Cute stuff! Valentines weekend my husband and I went out of town by ourselves, so Valentines Day itself was pretty uneventful, but was a nice family day. Hey, I just posted a sneak peak of my necklaces for the boutique if you want to take a look :)
hope you find something you like :)

Jaime said...

Thanks for the link! ;)


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