Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ice Cream Cozy & Other Important Business

So I totally made this ice cream cozy for my father in law
for Christmas and I forgot to post about it!
Well, I actually forgot to take pictures before I gave it away.
So I collected it this weekend I could take some.

You see, my father in law likes ice cream.
And he likes to eat it out of the container.
But that makes his hand cold.
So he usually wraps a kitchen towel around it.
But that is so not fashionable or crafty! LOL

So, when I saw this tutorial over at Make It and Love It
I decided I needed to make him one.
The only problem is, he doesn't eat out of the Ben & Jerry's size containers.
We're talking the 1.5 quart size here, people.

Ashley's tut was for a little ice cream container,
but she did mention to measure your own ice cream container.
So I went to my freezer,
and to my horror,
we didn't have any ice cream in the freezer!

So I put out a little shout out on Facebook and my friendly Yahoo group
asking my peeps to hook me up with the circumference
of your typical ice cream container.

And within 15 minutes,
they came to my aid - and in no time flat I had a BIG ice cream cozy.
However, I learned a very important thing.
Husbands that are good at math,
but that don't sew,
are not the ones to ask for sewing advice.

See how it's extra tall, but doesn't overlap going around?
That was my husband's design, but not what I had in my mind.
Oh well, it's cute and my father-in-law thought it was cool.
However, he would like the bottom to be covered too.

(I'm linking up HERE)

I love responding to all the comments I get on the blog.
Love it.
I like connecting with you.
However, sometimes when I hit {REPLY}
I get this sad little email address.

And when that happens, I can't reply.
Sad, sad days.

But never fear!!!!!
Go over to House of Smith's
and Shelley will show you how to fix it.

did you see my right-hand column????
I have some awesome sponsors this month.

Yuri's Design

I'm so excited to share a little bit about each one of them in the next few days.
I hope you'll hop over and visit them today.
I promise that you won't be disappointed.



raveninthewolfden said...

this is fantastic!

Unknown said...

I fear if I make one of these then I will just end up eating more ice cream ;)

Tasha said...

I am totally with you on wanting to respond to those that comment. I am always sad when they do not have their email hooked up.

Awesome ice cream holder :)

Krystal said...

How fun! I just wanted to let you know that featuring a couple of your posts tomorrow on my blog if you'd like to check it out.
Sassy Sanctuary

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I love these warmers! I have the fabric for one I want to make but it's so intimidating!

Katie said...

Great idea! So my husband was complaining about not having a case for his iTouch, so before I could even get my suggestion all the way out of my mouth, he looked at me and said, "NO, I don't want you to make an iTouch cozy!" :( LOL, he's not fun!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! I so need one of these! I always end up putting my ice cream tub in the microwave to take the chill off! What a fab idea, thanks for sharing

adrienzgirl said...

So cute! Definitely stylish! I prefer a bowl and a spoon though! ;P

Laurel {Make and Takes} said...

Who needs coffee cozies when you can have an ice cream cozy?! Brilliant! Really might have to make one for my husband too. I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

Lisa {grey luster girl} said...

This is definitely on my list! I found your blog from Blue Cricket Design and I love it! I just linked up a project-missed the #125 by 2 spots :( and I am your newest follower!

Unknown said...

That is a lot of ice cream! You are such a sweetie for making that for your father in law. I'm sure his hands will appreciate it.

Megan said...

hee hee. what a cute idea! I'm sure he loves it.


Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

I too eat out of the tub. But am more ghetto than your father in law and use a paper towel. I so need one of these!

kate said...

that. is. brilliant! craving ice cream already!

Kelly said...

That's awesome! What a great gift idea!

Rebecca said...

Until reading more I thought that was a Ben & Jerry's size ice-cream container. LOVE that your father in law eats it right out of the big container. I look forward to doing that again when I don't have to worry about my kids copying me. ;)

The ice-cream sleeve looks great!

Emily Carter said...

That is adorable! Thanks for joining the party.

Kristen said...

this is fantastic. I am featuring it on handmade features because I love the idea! genius really :)

AllieMakes! said...

Cute idea! You crack me up! I have not forgot about your rainbow jello... still planning on posting and linking, just have been SOCKED with illness around here, and it got me this time too...
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie last week! I can't wait to see what you have for this week!

Unknown said...

love this cup cuff! I want a reversible bracelet!!!

Feel free to stop by and link up to my Make & Share 1st edition Fridays if you like.

~ Christy

Unknown said...
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