Friday, March 4, 2011

Spunky Sponsor Spotlight: {Eclectic Whatnot}

Do you all know how much I adore Eclectic Whatnot?
No seriously.
I adore Ruthanne.

I adore her shop.
I adore her tweets.
It's complete adoration.
It's a good thing we're separated by half of the country,
or she might have to get a restraining order :)
So I am THRILLED to have Eclectic Whatnot as a sponsor this month.

I have quite the Eclectic Whatnot collection.

None of which are available anymore.
Which makes them all the more precious!

I used to own this lovely,
but I gave it away so that I could share the Eclectic Whatnot love.

Ruthanne recently added these lovelies to her shop - in lots of colors.

And I had to nab one!

So now I am eying these fabulous {ruffled skirts}.

Doesn't Isabella need one of these?
What's so fabulous about the ruffled skirt,
is that each one is unique because Ruthanne works with
you to choose fabrics.
I love when things are rare and one of a kind!
That's why I love Ruthanne's handmade goodness so much.

I'm also eying the new {Ever After}!

If you don't already follow Ruthanne's blog, you must.
It is full of hilarity and yummy food!
Her Tumblr will seriously leave you salivating.

What do you love most about Ruthanne & Eclectic Whatnot?
Spill it.


Anonymous said...

Those are adorable!!!
I'll have to invest in one!!!


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