Thursday, March 31, 2011

Takin' Care of Business

Ok, I'm heading to Creative Estates next week.
I am super excited.
It's my first blog/creative conference,
and I'm nervous!
I'm afraid I'll forget something.
Or I'll be shy.
Or I won't have anyone to talk to.

The other thing I'm worried about are business cards.
I have them.
But I want to put a little somethin' extra with them
and I don't know what to do.

After spending the last week making these
for GNO: AZ Style

and starting these for my GroopDealz

I'm crafted out and out of time!

So what's something fun and easy
I could attach to my business card?
Discount code?
lock of my hair?

I'd love to hear your ideas and I would REALLY appreciate them.

And because I'm obsessed with mustaches :)
I have to share with you the latest GroopDealz!!!

Now you can rock a mustache necklace like I do for a fantastic price!!!
Plus it comes from Little Miss Momma and she's adorable.

This post brought to you by:
Yuri's Design


Unknown said...

When in doubt...candy!!

Jenny @ An Apple for the Crafter said...

I have had your blog open since you posted this. You know how people say they have something, "on the tip of their tongues"? I feel like I have an idea right on the tip of my...brain?

Anyway, I do know this. At Micheal's they have a dollar section way in the back. I can always find Paula Dean cupcake liners back there. Lat time I was there I got a couple packages that were red with white polka dots. It could be really cute if you did something with those. Like, putting your coupon code in it somehow? Folding it like a flower? There's an idea forming. I'll get back to you!

Unknown said...

A little red button would be cute and would match your blog. It wouldn't be too much, but it would be that extra touch. Who knows, they might even use it in a crafting project! (I know I totally would!)

Good luck!

Sims Family said...

I am going to both the GNO and the conference, too. Can't wait! I love your stuff, so I would say a discount code would be awesome. But maybe I am just being selfish! :) Good luck!


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