Monday, April 25, 2011


I was so excited that some of the famous bloggers that I stalk love,
agreed to meet me for lunch while I was up in Utah.

Of course, it was a crazy Spring break day at Chick Fil A,
so the surroundings were wild,
but it was fun.

My cousin and my sister-in-law came for moral support.
I was so nervous - because I am crazy.

Cousin * Sister-in-law * Nikki (Salty Pineapple)

It was so fun to see some of the creative ladies I was hoping to meet at Creative Estates.
And super awesome Tauni - who is a co-founder of Creative Estates -
brought me a little gift from the conference.

Nikki {Salty Pineapple} * Becca {BCD} * Tauni {It's a Tradition} *
Char {Crap I've Made} * Lara {Less Cake More Frosting}

It was all done last minute - like within 24 hours -
so I was thrilled that these five awesome ladies could come.
Thanks ladies!!!
It was awesome to meet you all.
Here's to SLC in 2012!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are one lucky girl! First, Creative Estates, then an awesome lunch with cool blog ladies! Can we trade lives?

Unknown said...

It was so meeting all of you. I'm glad you brought your support group too;). Your family was so nice. Thanks.

April Kennedy said...

I just met those ladies at CE and can now call them friends too. You are a lucky lady to lunch with them. I bet it was the BEST! Such a fun and ispiring group of women.

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

sounds like a fun meet up, you guys are so cute!

Tasha said...

How stinkin fun!! Go you on getting together with all of them and pulling it together last minute. :)

Becca said...

i still feel like a dork! We needed to chat more about how much we adore you!

Mike and Larissa said...

Sad i missed it.. maybe next time :D

Anonymous said...

Awww... I am sad I missed out on this but I am happy for you to have met such darling ladies! What a fun lunch!


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