Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Play What Have You Bookmarked from Blogland?

We all do it.
Find awesome stuff around Blogland and bookmark them.
I currently have hundreds of ideas bookmarked.
I've actually made a handful of them.

I decided to share with you some things I've recently bookmarked.
Things I REALLY want to make.
So I'm issuing a challenge.
I'm challenging us to choose just ONE thing you've recently
bookmarked and make it.
Then come back here and share it with us!

My recent bookmarks are:

{Ruffled Easter Egg Tee @ Positively Splendid}

{Chocolate Mint Brownies @ The Family Cookbook}

P.S. I have to give a shout out to The Family Cookbook.
My friends have started this blog to cook their way through the family cookbook.
Um, my husband grew up on much of this food, because he is besties with one of the husbands.
The food is amazing.
Follow the journey.
Make the food.
You'll thank me.

{Twisty Tie Wire Bird's Nest @ A Law Student's Journey}

There you have my recently bookmarked.
Take the challenge.
Meet back here in two weeks and we'll share what we've made!


Melanie said...

Love the challenge...Now, to actually get off my duff and make something...I also have hundreds between my crafts bookmark and recipes bookmark...I'd better get going!

Reasons To Skip The Housework
Tuesday Time Out Link Up Party

Michell @ Girl In Air said...

I don't bookmark anymore....I'm now using Pinterest!!

Freaking awesome site to pin all my favorites on different boards.

So I can SEE everything and not try and remember which computer I bookmarked it on...

StrawberryMel said...

I made those yarn wreaths! :) Love them!! Super easy! Have fun!

sewhappiness said...

Lovely idea!!!! I've actually posted on my blog ( my new weekly challenge!!!

I love challenges!!! Can't wait to meet u all in two weeks!! I'm bookmarking now:-)


Kristen @ Who's Watching the Baby? said...

I took your challenge! Posted my projects today!

Kitty B said...

Just found your blog- and I love that you are challenged to make my twisty tie birds nest! I hope you make it! I'd love to see!

The last Unicorn said...

Thanks for the shout out Kyla!!! Those brownies are delicious :)

Amy said...

Oooo this is FUN! I needed a fire to get me going on some of my "to do" list! I'm up for the challenge and posted about it. You can check it out at

I can't wait to see what everyone does!

Nicole @ Wohler's World said...

Thanks for hosting this great idea, I'm sharing on my blog and will be sure to link up next week!


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