Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Shout Outs:{EGG & CUPCAKE} Edition

Hooray for Saturday!!!
I'm excited for Easter tomorrow and spending time with the family.
I definitely want to make some Resurrection Rolls with the Littles -
since the nieces and nephews will be here too.

Don't forget the Blogland Bookmark Challenge!
You have until April 28th to get it finished and meet back here to link up!

{Easter Egg Headband by Sweet and Simple}

No joke - I was thinking I should make this!
Now I don't have to figure out how!

{Fabric Easter Eggs by Sweet Bee Buzzings}

This post brought to you by:
Yuri's Design


Angela Hamilton said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Easter Placecards!

The Preppy Girl on the Farm

malia said...

so cute-- lovin' that frame!

Cris said...

What I GREAT surprise was to see my cupcakes featured here!!!! Made my night! :) Thanks!!!


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