Monday, May 9, 2011

Snakes, Tears, and Grocery Stores

So we were at the grocery store Saturday night,
and my little t-ball playing boy became highly attached to this guy.

A creepy, little snake.
We're talking end of the world -
- meanest mom in the world -
- tears -
kind of attached.
What the?

So, I assured him that I have LOTS of fabric and we could make him
a perfectly awesome snake this week.

He agreed.

However, as we walked away from Mr. Snake and left him in
his home of Aisle 7 of the grocery store,
he continued to talk about this snake I would be making him,
and I realized he's expecting me to make
an exact replica of his beloved grocery store snake.


I'm good.
But not THAT good.

I came home and started researching.
I've found several ideas that are promising . . .

{Totally Smitten Mama}

{Get Your Craft On}

{Funky Friends Factory}

But are not *EXACTLY* what JT is hoping for.
However, I'm hoping I can combine the things I've found,
with the picture he insisted I take,
to create the most awesome snake evah!

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

All of these ideas are great! Children have a way of forgetting and bouncing back. I think whatever snake you make will be great!

Unknown said...

I think if you put a wire in the snake it should curl up like the grocrey store one.

Kelli W said...

What a cute idea! I'm sure he will love whatever you come up with:)

Unknown said...

Just the thought of a snake makes me quiver inside. You are the nicest mom ever.

Tawny said...

Good luck sweetie! I've been there!

McKenna said...

hey r u finished with that ipod thing? send it a soon as possible and also i would like on snake the top one ill pay 5 or 10 dollars for it thanks!!


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