Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Beach Towel Tote

This isn't a new idea - I've seen it done a lot of different ways,
but this is the way I did it and I'm sharing it with you.

When we go to the pool or beach we take a lot of stuff.
I never want to use any of my nice bags because I don't
want them to get wet or sandy or messy.
So I thought making a bag out of a towel would be the perfect solution,
because then I could throw it into the washing machine.
I also wanted it to be big enough to carry the kick boards
and other swim toys.

1 large towel
sewing machine

Take your large towel and fold it over itself to form a bag shape.

Cut down your bag to the size you'd like it to be.
I was making the bag for my kids, so I didn't want it so big
that it was dragging the ground.
Sew around three of the sides - leaving the top open for the bag.


Take the pieces you cut from the short sides of the towel
and lay them into two sets - right sides together - pin one edge -
and sew.

Fold the long strip over like a hot dog bun - right sides together -
and pin the open edge.
Sew closed.

Turn your two straps right sides out and top stitch around all four edges.


Pin the right sides of the straps to the inside/wrong side of your bag.
I pinned mine 2" in from each side and then sewed it on
in the pattern below for strength.

And there you have your Beach Towel Tote!

If you'd like to see how I made the awesome Surfer's Ponchos -
then be sure to click over to my Hooded Surfer Poncho tutorial!


Jo-Anna@APrettyLife said...

These bags really are a great idea! We have a lake in the neigbourhood so maybe it's time I made a stylish bag!!

Ashley said...

this is such a cute idea:)

Karen said...

How cute! I love this idea:) Saw you on Tatertots and Jello!

Unknown said...

Hello! I featured this here at Coffee and their Kisses. Please come by and grab a featured button that's located on my left hand side bar! Thanks again!

Tasha said...

Love it!! I love that you made it so larget too

Unknown said...

These are cute! I have a sewing machine but have never used it because it scares me. This may be easy enough that I don't get scared to sew!

Happy in red said...

That is so clever! And very easy to wash after you get back from the beach. What a good idea!
Esther (

Chad and Mary Beth @ Nothing But Country said...

Thanks for linking up at Nothing But Country - Creative Creations Tuesday

We have featured your creative project on our blog. Check it out at
Nothing But Country

Thanks so much!!! Love the project.

Feel free to grab a "I've been featured button" on the far right column of the blog.


Mary Beth @ Nothing But Country

mommy2luke2008 said...

Love this bag! And I think even with my beginner sewing skills I would be able to make one! I featured this on my friday favorites!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!


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