Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I {LOVE} Wednesday: Red, White & Blue


So glad it's Wednesday - I have lots of fun things planned today
and I'm excited that my official Summer is only 2 days away!!!
My house still has some Easter up (I know, lame)
so I was perusing Pinterest trying to find some festive
Fourth of July ideas to awesome-fy my house.

{RWB Garland @ Marth Stewart}
{Fourth of July Dress @ icandy Handmade}

{Red Vines for All @ Room to Inspire}

{Crabby Crabwich @}
{Daisy Felt Garland @}

And I just want to make these because they are awesome.
{The Library Tote @ Noodlehead}


Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

I love these ideas for summer decor! I really like the RWB Garland! & red vines. Super cuuuuuute!

Ruth said...

I came over from TT&J. Love these great ideas. The garlands are me favorites.


Kelli W said...

I still have some Easter stuff up too:) I need to work on changing it out soon or it may just stay up there until next Easter! Thanks for the great red, white, and blue inspiration!

jamie w said...

i want to decorate for the 4th so bad but its going to have to wait until we get moved.


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