Friday, July 15, 2011

Insta Friday: July 15, 2011

I usually only post Insta-Friday on my other blog,
but I didn't have a guest scheduled for today,
and I'd love to spread the word about this awesome linky party!
life rearranged

This past week was a wild adventure and I loved it!
Last Thursday I drove down to Julian
with the youth (just girls) from church for camp.
Well, we arrived and they announced there were BED BUGS!!!
They wouldn't let us into the cabins, but we carried on.

We gave service.

Practiced our skits.

Performed our RADTASTIC skits.

Watched an amazing sunset.

And slept on the floor of the mess hall.

The next day I ran into town for some medicine.
Julian is a charming little town.

I had to stop at the Julian Pie Company.

I grabbed some apple cider donuts to share with everyone.
They were a little piece of heaven on earth.

After being there a day a half and waiting for the
bug sniffing dogs to clear the cabins,
it was decided we would go home :(
Only one bed, in one room, of two different cabins had
the little buggers, but we didn't want to take any chances.
Those cabins had to be fumigated, so there weren't
enough beds for everyone and we couldn't sleep on the mess hall floor again.

Our poor YCL's (youth camp leaders) spent hours decorating our cabin,
and we never got to see it.
So since our cabin wasn't one of the infested ones,
we took a quick tour so we could see how awesome it was.

So, after only 24 hours, we were back in the car
and driving back home.
We all got some rest and met back at the church on Friday to finish up.
This year's theme was Survivor: Endurance Island.
We joked that since we had to move it to the church,
that we were now Survivor: Redemption Island :)

We finished up certification,
took pictures, had Bishops' Games, had dinner from Cafe Rio,
and had testimony meeting.
It was awesome!

Saturday we headed to the OC Marketplace.
I really love that place.

We had some Angry Birds when we got home :)

My mom and I headed to Jade Food Massage
Saturday afternoon while everyone napped.

We headed to Old Town Orange Saturday evening for BRUXIE!!!
You must try Bruxie.
My fave is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle.
Mmmm . . . .

Sunday my mom went home :(
And I taught a lesson to the 16/17 year olds on obedience.

Monday it was Moustache Monday at Chickfila,
so of course I had to participate.

Then it was a playdate with our friends.
This is the Dragon & Ghost show :)

Then onto the Big Red Bucket.
Love that place.

Tuesday was beach day.
And it was a the perfect day.
JJ said it was too windy.
I thought it was fabulous.

Wednesday we had a pool playdate.
The kids had fun playing - Push JT Into the Pool.

Note to self: Remember to tell your 2 year old
that not everyone enjoys this game.
Especially friends that can't swim.

The Jacaranda trees are in full bloom in my neighborhood,
and they are so pretty!
We have some pinkish and some purple.

This is a door I dread visiting.
The people behind it are very nice.
I've just had TOO many painful experiences over my life.
Any guesses?
Today's visit was pleasant enough.
See ya in six month dreaded door.

We had a Pump It Up birthday party
and JT loved it.
I know this picture makes it appear that Isabella loved it too,
but this was taken several seconds before I
forced her Aunt to push her down the slide.
She no longer loved it.

Awesome chaos!

Finishing the week off with a living room slumber party :)


Jocelyn said...

That is too bad about the cabins, but it sounds like you guys made the best of it and had a blast anyway! Those donuts look super yummy I am craving something sweet:-) I can't believe I missed moustache monday at chic-fil-a! Thanks for sharing all your pics.


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