Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday Shout Outs: {The Festive Ideas} Edition

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
I can't believe it's next week.
I'm in the throws of organizing the Kinder Thanksgiving Feast,
so we're all sort of crazy around here.
However, I've come to realize I like it crazy.
If it's not crazy, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself :)

Here are some of my favorite ideas from last week.

{Thanksgiving Quote Printable @ Capital B}
Love President Monson and love this quote!

{Pumpkin Doodle Cookies @ Something Swanky}
Mmmm . . . pumpkin!

{Leaf Garland Tutorial @ Crafty Mischief}
Can a girl have too many garlands? Cuz I want this one too!

{Be Thankful Garland @ ReMade Simple}
And this one too!!

{Thanksgiving Subway Art Printable @ Food, Folks, & Fun}
This is so cute!

{Glitter Thumbtacks @ Vixen Made}
Got any tweens in your life? They'd love these!

{Happy Couple Blanket @ Craft Buds}
I almost fell down laughing when I saw this because it's just too perfect.

{Super Hero Puppets @ Serving Pink Lemonade}
JT would flip for these!

{Playdoh Beads @ Vintage Chic by Bri}
Who would have thought? Fabulous idea!

{Handmade Stockings Tutorial @ The Pless Press}
I want to make some of these!!

{Scrappy Christmas Tree @ Beneath the Rowan Tree}
I love this idea! And my little youth girls at church
could do it too!

If you were featured,
please feel free to grab a button if you'd like!


Crafty Mischief said...

Sweet! I was reading through this and I went, "Hey! That's my kid!" Thanks for featuring my fabric leaf garland!

keatseatsblog said...

Thanks for the feature!!


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