Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever!

I'm excited to share this fun upcoming event with you -
the 11th Annual Biggest Baby Shower!
It's taking place Tuesday, February 28th
at the Skirball Center in LA by Big City Moms and


It's a chance for moms-to-be to browse and shop
the latest and hottest products from more than 70 leading baby retailers,
while being treated to fantastic food, mocktails, spa activities and educational seminars.

Every expectant mom at the Biggest Baby Shower will go home
with baby products galore, because no baby shower
would be complete without great gifts!


At the Biggest Baby Shower you can expect to meet celebrities
like Jessica Alba, experts like pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene, and
industry leaders like Wendy Haldeman of the Pump Station.


This is the first time this amazing NYC event will be held in LA,
so if you're an expectant mom,
don't miss the opportunity to attend this fabulous event.
You can find more information on registration HERE.


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