Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Love} Month: TOAD-ally Flip Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Wait, am I day late?
I hope your day was fun.
We kicked it at Pretend City and had a fun family dinner.

I wanted to share JT's Valentines this year -
because they are TOAD-ally cool!

I found these little flippy frogs at the Dollar Store
and this crazy idea was born!

JT had so much fun trying to stand on his head
and we had a lot of good laughs during the photo shoot.
We first tried catching him beginning a somersault,
but that just looked like he was showing his friend's his booty.
Not attractive or appropriate :)

The headstand worked perfectly, then I extracted him
and place him on the Valentine printable I made.
I hot glued the little legs of the frogs to the Valentine
and 35 frogs later, we were TOAD-ally ready!

I hope your Valentine's Day was TOAD-ally awesome!

You can get the printables HERE!!
It's two separate files, so you can put your upside
down kid on your card too.
If you just want the card to add the frog to, you can right click
on the image below and "save as".


Tasha said...

You are seriously SO stinkin creative and fun!

Unknown said...

Too fun!! You are rockin' the valentine world!

cre8ivesky said...

Oh my cute, Kyla! Good thing we didn't see this before, or my little guy would have had me switching gears! Glad your family had a fun day :)

Olives and Pickles said...

Thanks for sharing
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