Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's On Your Playlist?

I posted this picture on Instagram earlier int he week
and someone commented that it was fun
to get a peek at my playlist because
she is always looking for new songs to add to hers.

So that gave me the idea to share my playlist
and ask you what's on yours.

Gives You Hell ~ All-American Rejects
Single Ladies ~ Beyonce
Love Drunk ~ Boys Like Girls
Viva La Vida ~ Coldplay
Don't Stop Believin' ~ Glee Cast
Waking Up in Vegas ~ Katy Perry
Hot'n'Cold ~ Katy Perry
Firework ~ Katy Perry
My Life Would Suck Without You ~ Kelly Clarkson
Spaceman ~ The Killers
Say Hey ~ Michael Franti
The Kids Aren't Alright ~ The Offspring
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid ~ The Offspring
Take Me Away ~ Plain White T's
Shut Up ~ Simple Plan
More Than Useless ~ Relient K
Shut Up ~ Simple Plan
You Belong With Me ~ Taylor Swift
The Edge of Glory ~ Lady Gaga
Los Angeles is Burning ~ Bad Religion
I Gotta Feeling ~ Black Eyed Peas
Mr. Brighside ~ The Killers
Bad Romance ~ Lady Gaga

So, there's my list.
It seems I like to exercise to some
pretty angry music :)

 So, what's on your list?
What gets you going?


Samantha said...


Mira said...

interesting list :-) Kyla. going to add the left outs soon to my list.

lovely blog. Happy to follow you Kyla.

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Jess Cox said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad that I found the awesomeness that is your blog! I love it! Awesome playlist by the way!

Ladies Holiday said...

I'm loving K-P lately! She's fun for the summer!


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