Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kyla's Favorite Free Fonts: {Part One}

I've wanted to write this post for FOREVER!
But I knew the work that would be involved in writing
and researching such a post, so I kept putting it off.
But there have been so many questions about the fonts
that I use on my printables that I decided to share
my favorite FREE fonts in a series of posts.

There are so many fonts I love, 
and as a digital design/scrapbook lover, 
I've collected quite a few over the years.
It was hard to narrow it down,
but I'm starting with fifteen free fonts that I love using.

What are your favorite free fonts?
I'm always looking to add to my collection.
Let's see if you can suggest one I don't already have :)


dandelionpicker said...

Thank you!!!

Ladies Holiday said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love ALL of those fonts!

If you'd like, please join our Photo Friday blog-link-up tomorrow. Any of your favorite photos are welcome- even if they're in a post.


Ashlee said...

Thanks! I just downloaded all of them! I always tend to use Kristen and Ashley, but I downloaded them so long ago, I couldn't even begin to tell you where they are!

Catherine Glazner said...

Thank you for the great free fonts!! I am in love!! I am wanting to know YOUR signature font! LOVE it!!

Going to put your blog on my sites I need to stalk now!! Thanks so much!


Catherine Glazner said...

Thank you thank you for your free fonts! I downloaded them ALL! I am wanting your signature font! I am in love with it!! Will you share what font is it? =)

Gonna have to stalk your blog now!! Can't wait.


Judy said...

Thanks for a great list! Lavanderia isn't free at the link you provided but I googled and found it free at this website:

Unknown said...

I love these fonts!

Once you download them how do you use them??


Anonymous said...

Great fonts, thanks for posting them! I've got this linked to my free fonts roundup post too today, for inspiration!

Harvard Homemaker said...

I'm such a font-lover too! Thanks for sharing. Have you seen Mountains of Christmas? That's my new favorite.

I came upon this post while visiting your link party... you have such a cute site. You take great pictures!

Take care.

HH at

Carme Sala said...

You're so lovely for sharing these! Thanks a lot :-)

Unknown said...

I've never used free fonts. How do you use them?

Shari said...

These seem to cost. How can I get them for free? I really would like to have one today!!!

Shari said...

These seem to cost. How can I get them for free? I really would like to have one today!!!

Unknown said...

Ten of my favorite free fonts: 1) Cashew Apple 2) DJB It's Full of Dots
3) TOOTSIEWOOTSI 4) Flavors 5) Jellyka-le Grand Saut 6) Little Bird 7) peach sundress 8) Simply Glamorous 9) Yellow Butterflies 10) Znikomit No 25

I hope you enjoy them.


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