Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Recipe: Zucchini Casserole

When I went to visit my parents last summer they had quite the garden going.
One of the things that grows in abundance is zucchini.
I always wondered what one did with a plethora of  zucchini,
besides leave it in unlocked cars during church.
Then one night my mom whipped up this delicious casserole
and I was fully impressed with the power of the zucchini.

I left last summer with full intentions of making this yummy meal
for my family, but I got home and with no zucchinireadily available
- and I am definitely not paying for something that neighbor tries to pawn off on neighbor in Utah -
I forgot about it.

Until -
We were visiting this summer and the garden was in full bloom
and my mom whipped another fabulous zucchini casserole.
So, I got the recipe and I made it when I got home.

And, you'll be happy to know that I did not pay for my zucchini.
I sent out a plea to the ladies at church via our Yahoo Group
and my request was answered by my sweet friend Allison.

The one thing I did differently than my mom's recipe is to use
Chobani Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream.
I'm not a sour cream fan anyway, so figured this was the perfect opportunity
to try out this tip I'd seen on the Chobani website.

I've had this Pampered Chef mixing bowl for going on 12 years
and I totally adore it.
Here's my diced zucchini. Skin and all.

If you're wondering what size zucchini you'll need to get 6 cups,
here's what was leftover from the beast of a zucchini up above after I chopped it up.

Bake it til it's brown and the zucchini is tender.

Now, if you abhor all things "cream of", I'm sorry.
Most of my favorite family recipes contain something from the "cream of" family,
so I can't help you there.
But I'm sure you have a replacement trick up your sleeve that you could try.

So, now maybe you can leave a nice hot meal on your
neighbor's porch instead of a bag of zucchini . . . you know who you are . . .

Saturday was my 11th anniversary,
so in honor of my wedding colors, 
I did a little purple and white this week.



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