Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Superman Surfer Poncho

Last summer I did a tutorial for my Hooded Surfer Poncho.
This summer JT has had several summer birthday parties to go to and
so I thought it would be fun to give them as gifts.
One little friend {LOVES} Superman and
JT and I decided to turn the surfer poncho into a 
Superman surfer poncho.

It just required a couple of addditions
and we had a very Superman-looking surfer poncho.

I bought an extra hand towel for the cape and pinned and sewed it
into the poncho the same time I was sewing in the hood.
I used a wash cloth for the pocket this time
so that I didn't have any unfinished edges to worry about.
I really like how it turned out.
If I had more time I would have liked to have
appliqued an "M" on the back for the little boy's first name
inside the Superman shield.

I hope you like it and that maybe you can use the inspiration
for the Superman loving kid in your life :)

I also did a manicure this week,
so I'm linking up to Mani Monday!
Just a glittery french mani to brighten the week :)


Kelli W said...

That is such a cute idea! My boys would love them!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This is so cute! Oh...and the manicure looks great!

Betsy said...

Cute idea. . .if only I had a little boy to make this for. I don't know if my daughter would be into it as much.

Mar [Parenting and Proverbs 31] said...

I love this! It turned out great! I would love for you to link it up on my blog today, at Momma Mar's Activity Corner!

I desperately need a manicure...

Nicole said...

Very cute superman surfer poncho! But the mani really caught my eye! I will definitely be trying that this week. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from SoCal Social.

Unknown said...

That is perfect for a day at the pool! My toddler loves to be wrapped up after splashing around and this would cover his head, ears and body. Great idea!


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