Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iced Passion Tea Lemonade: Mmmm. . .mmmm Goodness!

 I was recently introduced to this Starbucks yumminess and
decided that if I was going to partake of it regularly,
there had to be a way to make it at home.
So, I started experimenting and BAM! I made a yummy, low-calorie version.
Now my pocketbook and waistline are thanking me.

You'll need:
Tazo Passion Tea
Light Lemonade
Nectresse (or other sweetener)

First make the Passion Tea concentrate by brewing two bags of 
tea to every 8oz of water.
Since this is best made per glass, I brewed 8 bags of tea in 4 cups of water,
so that I would have enough concentrate for several glasses of tea.
Let this steep for 10-15 minutes. I like to let it sit for a long time.
Sometimes I even forget that I've got it steeping.
Then, put your concentrate in the fridge and chill it.
 When you get a hankering for some Passion Tea Lemonade,
then you've got your concentrate and you're ready to go!

In my Aladdin 20 oz tumbler, I added lots of ice.
Then, mix 2 parts tea to 1 part lemonade.
Well, that's what I like.
Really, it's all to your own taste.
I fill the passion concentrate to just above the pattern/indents on the sides of the cup.
Then I added one packet of Nectresse, put the lid back
on without the straw in place, covered the hole with my finger
and shook the dickens out of it.
You could just stir it up, but shaking seems fancier :)

It's super delicious and the kids were crazy for it.
And passion tea has health benefits - like calming and anti-anxiety effects.
We can all use some calm in our life, right?
And since it's been like 100 degrees here for 5 weeks straight,
with no sign of letting up, I might just be drinking this
into December.


Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

My daughter absolutely loves the "pink juice" from Starbucks. I had picked up the tea bags but not made it yet. You just reminded me that I should do that as a special treat for her :)

Meg said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I bought some Passion Tea earlier this summer with the intent to figure out the proportions for this drink, but I never got around to it.

herohm66 said...

Just a few notes on the shaking process and the sweetener. You could just stir the ingredients together, but the reason Starbucks shakes their teas is the aeration process does alter the flavor. I worked there for years and the teas were my regular drink and I could tell you the difference between a shaken and an unshaken tea not just by the flavor but also the looks. As for sweeteners, if you're used to getting the sweetener they use in their recipe, the "Classic," it's really just a simple syrup. So mix up a batch of that while you're waiting for your concentrate to steep and Voila!
I hope this helps in creating that authentic Starbucks taste!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the tip. I will be making it for a family dinner I'm hosting tomorrow :) Thanks again!!

Unknown said...

What kind of syrup is the best?

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

@Dulce Tellez if you wondering about a simple syrup it's actually just reduced sugar and water. You can buy a bottle in the liquor dept. at the grocery store or make your own. I use equal parts water and white table sugar. Boil slightly until sugar has dissolved. Let cool. It's really called "simple syrup" Hope this helps :)

This beverage sounds divine! I haven't ever had one at Starbucks, but I love Passion tea. I'm going to make some right now!

MisshapenLife said...

Question. I am about to make and I realize I have 6 "filter bags" in the box and they are pretty big. Would i still use all 6 to make the concentrate??

MisshapenLife said...

Question. The box I have says "6 Filterbags". Each bag makes one pitcher. I have a feeling this is different from what you used. What should I do???

Anonymous said...

Hi! I did a review of this on my blog! Thanks for the recipe! Your shout out is at the bottom...check it out:

Lyndsay said...


I believe you are using the IcedTea Passion Fruit tea bags, as opposed to the Hot Tea tea bags (I'm not sure of the difference.)

However, I myself picked up the tea bags you are talking about, in which 6 come in a box. So, instead of brewing 8 hot tea, tea bags per 4 cups of water, the cold tea is telling you to use one bag per 32 oz. As we speak, I'm steeping my IcedTea Passion Fruit Tea in a 2 quart (62 fl oz) container. As the package states. So, in 2 quart container, throw your tea bag at the bottom, and then fill the container half way with hot water. Then let it steep. And then when your tea is cool or cold, you can put in either cold water or cold lemonade (Passion Fruit Ice tea Lemonade).

My Book Jar said...

i love this recipe and make it when ever i can, how ever i find that when you use the Trop 50 lemonade from the refrigerated section you don't have to add any sweetener

princessnikki said...

I'm going to try using honey as a sweetener. Anyone tried it that way yet?

Kari said...

I just found this recipe on pinterest and love it!! I love the Starbucks passion tea lemonade, but don't always love to pay the price for it. This recipe gives me so many more glasses for the price of one or two from Starbucks. Thank you!!! :)

Unknown said...

I also make this at home....but I use the TAZO passion tea concentrate!!! Much easier than making my own tea and you use less since it is concentrated, and it lasts for a long time in the refrigerator!!


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