Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Fun: Let's BOO!

For the Pinterest Party one of the crafts I had for the ladies to make
was a BOO'd gift so that they could start the tradition
with their friends and neighbors.

I made my own printable this year because - those I love the color versions -
I wanted a black & white version that easy for the next person to copy
and pass on so that they were more likely to keep the fun going.

I also made this paper cone and filled it up with candy 
to add to the cuteness and ease.
It's a 12x12 piece of sparkly scrapbook paper that I got at Joann.
I rolled it and hot glued the edges to keep it secure.

I also made a cute little hanging door tag for the BOO'd family
to hang on their door, so that other prospective BOO'ers know
that they've already joined in the fun.

I included a copy of the BOO'd sign and the instructions
so that the recipients can easily make a copy and pass it on 
to the next lucky ducks.
I rolled it up and secured it with this cool sticky back trim
that I got from Dollar Bins at Joann.

So, get out there and spread some Halloween cheer!!!!
If you want your own copy of BOO'd printables, they are at the end of the post.

You can download the printable HERE!!!!


Unknown said...

This is so ca-ute!

Kikal said...

That's so fun! My kids will love this!

Anonymous said...

This is SO cute! I love the simplicity of it. We add a little bit of bargain spot {Target} odds and ends to ours but I really love this idea :) Super cute! I just shared some Boo finds on my blog the other day,
I shared your post on my FB page :)


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