Monday, November 12, 2012

Bring it on Breaking Dawn Party: Breaking Dawn Photo Props

Who's ready for Breaking Dawn II to hit the theaters this week?
I am so freaking excited!!!!
Except for the first movie - because I was 36 weeks pregnant - I've seen
the movie opening "morning" at midnight.
It is so much fun to wait with friends, be silly, and have a great time
enjoying the CGI madness that is the Twilight Movie franchise. 
And what's even more fun is that I've connected with Marissa of rae gun ramblings
virtually over the years over our love for fun young adult fiction.
She had this great idea to bring together some fabulous bloggers that are also Twi-hards
to share some fun ideas to get the fever for the release of Breaking Dawn II.
 Breaking Dawn Party Peeps

To help get you in the mood to PAR-TAY! this Thursday night -
my group gets to see it at 10:00pm - WOOT!
I've made some rad Twilight Inspired photo props!!!
I used my Silhouette to cut out the shapes and then I put them together.
I used skewers I already had and secured them to the props with hot glue.

We've got the infamous chess pieces, Billy Black's hat, a wide variety of mustaches
in honor of Charlie Swan, wolf faces, and of course - vampire lips!

Then I got JT involved for a little photo booth action.

I hope you enjoy!!!
Most of the images are from the Silhouette Store.
The wolf pieces I designed myself.
You can download the cut files for the words and wolf pieces HERE!


marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

Oh my gosh they are so cute and fun! And JT's facial expressions are absolutely fantastic! THanks so much for playing along haha

Unknown said...

These are so, so, so fabulous!! (And your model is darling too!)

Unknown said...

These are so awesome and fun! :)

Kikal said...

I always thought he looked like JJ, I changed my mind - he looks just like you!! Also, I was showing Steve he looks just like you and he said, "She better take those down before someone finds them when he's in high school." ;)

Unknown said...

Ooh these are great & oh so fun!!! I'd love for you to join my "Do Your Thing" link party!

Bobi Jensen said...

This is cute - I just went last night :)

I have a weekend party I'd love for you to share this on:




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