Friday, May 3, 2013

Teacher Appreciation: Fabric Flower Bouquet with Printable Poem

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week in our school district,
and I had so much fun doing lot of last minute projects
to show JT's teacher how much we appreciate all the hard work she does.
Can you believe that in California the class size for First Grade is up over 30?
That is SO CRAZY!!!!
I remember one of University professors telling me that class size didn't
matter to a good teacher - because she could teach effectively regardless.
I think that is true, but I also agree with what JT's teacher said,
"My First Graders aren't going to learn any less than in years past.
However, I just don't get as much one on one time with each of them
to get to know them all as personally as I'd like."
And I think that is the honest truth, because there are only so many hours
in a school day.

Ok! Off my classroom size reduction soapbox :)
One day the theme was "flowers", so of course I had to do it crafty style.
I loosely followed this tutorial for making a fabric flower,
but I didn't use t-shirt material and I didn't use twigs.
I also didn't curve the gather stitch - I just sewed straight across.
So really, I just used the dimensions of the fabric strip.
I attached them with hot glue to pencils - perfect for a teacher!

They turned out so pretty! 
His teacher's favorite colors are pink and purple,
but we love rainbows too, so we made a rainbow bouquet with a punch of pink.

I used some acrylic paint to paint a mason jar and printed
out a cute little poem and attached it with baker's twine.
(link to print the poem below)

I had intended to make some fabric leaves too, 
but decided the tissue paper would give it the desired effect.

 JT was so excited to give it to his teacher.
I found out from one of the other moms that he was telling everyone how I made them.
He's such a good little salesman :)

If you'd like to make your own bouquet and would like to use
the poem I made, you can download it HERE!!!

As always - please adhere to the rules:
- Funky PolkaDot Giraffe printables are for PERSONAL use only.
-Please do not remove the watermark.
- Please link back to this site if you post anywhere on the internet.


Unknown said...

I bet his teacher just loves you!!

*katie said...

Super cute! My boys started kindergarten this year and are in a class with only 13 (total!) kids!!! I LOVE it!! It's going to be so completely different next year when they are in a ginormous class (along with probably being separated from each other! Ack! Not sure my heart can handle it!!)

Tiffany said...

Your fabric bouquet is adorable! I love it.

I can't believe they have 30 students! Cuh-razy! I have 18 and I thought that was a lot. lol


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