Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation: GIANT Teacher Candy-Gram

 Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week in our school district,
and each day the room mom had a theme for the day.
I really like this idea. The PTA at our school last year did the same
thing and I liked it on a school wide basis better because
then if you have children in multiple grade levels you don't have to remember
3-4 different themes each day.
One of our themes was "a note or a card". At first I thought I'd just do a giant card,
but then after thinking about it I thought - a teacher appreciation candy-gram would be awesome!

It was so much fun to make and put together and hunt down specific candies.
Some of the candy bars I didn't find were a 5th Avenue bar, small serving Sprees and Whoppers.
But the day after we gave this to JT's teacher I stopped at the 99 cent Only Store
and found all three of them. So, next year I will for sure just hit up the dollar store
first to find all the candy first.

I bought the poster board at Walmart and used a Sharpie to write the message.
I hot glued the the candy to the poster and it worked really well.
I love my hot glue gun!

Be sure check out my other Teacher Appreciation ideas if you need
some more fun things to give your favorite teacher!


lynn said...

Thank you for the idea. I am going to make this for my grandsons teacher.


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