Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Much Ado About You is Back, Baby!

She's back!!!! Yep, Emmy from Much Ado About You is back making
her fantastic planners!!!
I always I feel like I find out about things just (this much) too late,
and it was almost true about MAAY about a year ago.
However, I lucked out and found her just in time to get my custom planner.

Hello there pretty little pet, I love you!
And then I stroke it, and I pet it, and I massage it. 
Hehe I love it, I love my little naughty pet.  
Oh, hey there, sorry about that . . .
So I had my fantastic MAAY planner and Emmy had me hooked,
problem was it was expiring at the end of July this year
and then I would be left alone with my precious.
I was getting seriously sad as each month I closer and closer to the
end of the raddest/prettiest/fanciest paper planner I have ever used.

And then a HALLELUJAH moment came when I saw on Emmy's Instagram feed
that she may have found a way to outsource the printing and bring the
MAAY planners out of retirement.
She was looking for a few good guinea pigs to buy advanced copies
and check out the awesomeness.
Of course I screamed ME! and she signed me up.

The loveliness arrived a couple of weeks ago and I was thrilled.
There was even pretty packaging.

To save her sanity and her husband's she is no longer offering the custom covers
like you see above on my Precious, but the new cover design is darling
and if you're going to get one of the sweet Pleated Poppy MAAY planner covers,
then you can cute up your planner even more.

The new planners are a svelte 6"x9" and I am loving the new size.
While my Precious is very dear to my heart, it wasn't convenient
to throw in my purse and carry around with me.
This little cutie pie is the perfect size for toting around.

Now let's take a trip inside the new MAAY planner.
You're welcome with a nice little landing page where you
can write your name and number in case you lose your Precious - the HORROR!
Each monthly 2-page spread is gorgeous, has an inspiring quote, a spot for goals, a 3 mini calendars
of the month previous, the current, and the upcoming month. 

The weekly 2-page spread has an hourly breakdown for the weekdays, blocks
for the weekends, a small version of the current month, and space at the bottom
of each day for notes and doodles.

In the back there are cute pages to write stuff to remember, notes, goals, plans,
and hopes and dreams for the next year.

And you get a cute pocketed page where you can store you special occasion stickers,
receipts, notes - really anything you need to keep with your planner.
You also get the cool giant 4" paper clip to use to help you keep your place in your place.

And finally - the monthly tab stickers. They come in a sheet and you put them
in yourself. I haven't put mine in yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to check 
out THIS TUTORIAL to make sure I don't mess up.

So there you have, the new and improved MAAY planner!
I highly recommend picking yours up before the 10th of the month.
All the deets on how Emmy runs the ordering and printing can be found on her blog.



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