Monday, December 16, 2013

AMAZING! Unlimited Student Mobile Plan from Sprint #APLUSPLAN

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best buy mobile #shop

Did you know that there were such things as freestanding Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores?
I had no idea! So when I went to my local mall to visit my closest store and found out 
it has been there for several years I was shocked! It was such a cozy and inviting atmosphere
and I was instantly greeted by a store associate that was ready and willing to answer all
of my mobile plan questions. This is huge for me. I'm kind of a funny shopper, I don't want a sales
associate following me all around if I just want to browse and take it all in, but I also
do not like chasing around a huge store trying to find someone ANYONE! to answer my questions.
The Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store was awesome because it was small and I had easy
access to a sales associate, but they were great to let me browse until I was ready to talk.

sprint unlimited my way #shop
Right now Sprint has teamed up with Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores for a 
fantastic unlimited student mobile plan - My Way. With this plan, the student in your life
(age 5 to infinity) can get 12 months of FREE unlimited talk & text and 1GB of data all
for just the price of a buying a qualifying phone. 
All of the Sprint mobile phones at my Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store had a student
discount price - including the Samsung GS4 Mini for $349.99

sprint mobile phones #shop

I have a brother and sister that are currently students, as well as a sister-in-law
that just went back to school to get her teaching credential. I can't wait to share with
them what a deal this Unlimited, My Way student promotion from Sprint is.
I remember being a college student and trying to make every penny count, and I wish
they had this option back then so I didn't have to worry about trying to pay my cell phone
bill each month or buy groceries for the week.
samsung galaxy s4 mini #shop
With the Unlimited, My Way plan, the student just needs to buy the phone of their choice,
pay a $36 activation fee, and I am footloose and fancy free for an entire year!
The assistant manager that answered all my questions says that Sprint even has a flip phone
for those younger kids that parents don't want having access to the internet for about $50.
The Unlimited, My Way promotion is such a better deal than the pre-paid phones that 
many parents choose for their younger kids to have cell phone access.

 best buy mobile specialty store #shop

Some of the advantages I found in doing business at a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store are:
  • Quick, one-on-one service and help.
  • A nice cozy atmosphere where you feel like you matter.
  • Special promotions not offered at the big box stores.
  • Sales associates that know the ins and outs of the phones and how to solve your problems without having to take it to the next level or make an appointment to come back later.
  • Sales associates that care about you and are interested in finding you the best deal.
While I was in the store, there was a couple there having problems with the wi-fi on their phones.
Een though they didn't purchase their phones at a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store, 
they were able to get help there and been seen within 10 minutes.

Sprint #shop

I know I'll be spreading the word of the Unlimited, My Way plan to my siblings
and other family members with teens because I think it's a great way to save on their
mobile phone bills - something we can all use!
Plus, if you have a data loving student on your Christmas list, you can upgrade
for unlimited data for just $10/month. Amazing!


Summer @ Banana Hammocks & Tutus said...

You're lookin' all fly in that Best Buy signage! Dang! Our Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store is right by the soft play area in our mall, so I've known about it, but hadn't really had a reason to visit. Until now. My 7th grader just might need to take advantage of this phenomenal deal. #client

Gregory Davis said...
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