Monday, January 27, 2014

Find the Best Apps on Windows Phones with #APPSOCIAL

This post was written as part of a partnership with Nokia, however all thoughts and opinions are mine.


Have you ever wondered how to find the best apps? Are you like me and just
look at how many stars the app has received or try to guess which reviews
are real and which are just someone being obnoxious?
Well, with the new App Social from Nokia for Windows phones, you never
have to take apps from a stranger again! 

You can make lists of your favorite apps, share them with friends,
follow friends, and follow users that have similar tastes as you and keep up
with what's new, hot and awesome in the world of phone apps.
I've started my lists and followed users that I think will help me find
apps that myself and my kids will like.

My biggest list is the one for the kids :) I feel like I should get JT his own
App Social account because he always seems to know about the newest and coolest
apps before I do. Kids these days!

There's also a leaderboard where you can check out which apps have been listed
the most by App Social users, see which users are Most Followed, and also see
which lists are getting the most love.

Also, once you follow users, then the apps they add show up in your feed,
so you can instantly check out new apps and see if they are a right fit for you.
And because App Social is more than just an app, you can get to know the other users
through their bios, lists, and seeing their newest apps show up in your feed.
It's a community of app enthusiasts that are looking to find the best apps and share
their knowledge with other like minded users.

I've had fun checking out App Social on the Nokia Lumia 1020. 
I like the ease of use and the social aspect of App Social so that I can
find users that are looking for apps I'm interested in and following them so I can
keep up with app trends.
This way I never have to take apps from strangers again! 
If you're a Nokia Windows phone users, follow me on App Social by searching
for the user "mormishmom" and then we can share apps with one another.

I am also loving the Nokia Lumia 1020 that Nokia sent me so that I could
test out App Social and experience the app first hand.
With its 41 megapixel camera and quick responding touch screen,
I am loving it!

You can find out more about the App Social and the Nokia Lumia, 
by visiting AppSocial.Nokia.
Be sure to “Like” App Social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



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