Friday, April 25, 2014

Becoming a Big Sister: Spring Looks at Gymboree

Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase clothes for review from Gymboree. All opinions are my own.

Isabella has been so excited to become a big sister over the last
nine months or so, but it has been hard to have the spotlight
and gifts all go to Grace.
She hasn't complained too much about it, but I can tell she
worries sometimes that she's being left out or forgotten.
She said the other day, "Wow, Grace gets a lot of beautiful new clothes."

So, when she got home from school one Tuesday, I said,
"Isabella, let's go shopping at the mall and get some new spring clothes!"
She said,
"The Mall? Is that were they have the stairs that move and you don't have to climb?
That's where the fancy people go!"
Ha! I guess it had been far too long since we'd gone to the mall.
I loaded up baby Grace and we headed to the place where the fancy people go,
and specifically to Gymboree!

I love Gymboree because the clothes are adorable and well made.
I worked there the summer after my freshman year in college, and I loved
the challenge to mix and match the lines and come up with different outfit ideas.
Isabella was in love with all the bright spring and summer colors
and had a blast finding just the right clothes to take home.

She is quite the fashionista and gone are the days when I can pick out her outfit
for the day with no input from her. She has a definite sense of her own style,
and wants to be INDEPENDENT and dress herself without my help.
That's what is so great about the different lines at Gymboree, they coordinate so well,
that I felt confident in letting Isabella choose her favorite pieces and I knew
they would all come together beautifully, without her ending up looking like she
got dressed in the dark.

She could hardly wait to get home and put her new clothes on.
I insisted that she let me snap some pictures of her, she was thrilled!
She loved having an afternoon that was all about her
and what she likes to wear and likes to do.

I remember when I was 6 years old and my sister was born.
She came home from the hospital pretty much on my birthday,
and I was not thrilled about it for YEARS!
My mom did everything she could to make sure I still felt special,
but I still remember feeling like I was being pushed out of my spot.
So, I was glad I was able to do something with Isabella to make her feel special.

Another thing I love about clothes from Gymboree is they are so durable
and they hold up to washing really well. Isabella has received some
Gymboree hand-me-downs from a friend and they have little to no fading
and look fantastic.

She can run around the park, jump, slide, and swing and I don't have to worry
that the clothes from Gymboree are delicate and have to restrict her movement.
And can I just tell you how much I love the quality of the t-shirts?
She has so many flimsy t-shirts that get holes so quickly.
Gymboree's tops are heavy duty and are really made for kids to live in.

And because she's my girly-girl, she had to pick out a pretty dress.
This cute little ombre piece just screams warm weather is here!
She paired it with some darling jelly shoes from a different line, but the
bright colors worked together so well I didn't need to worry about them not matching. 

 I'm excited for the warm weather days ahead and spending days at the
park with my kids.
And now Isabella will dressed to impress and will hopefully remember
how we spent an afternoon together shopping where the fancy people go.
And there's a good chance that I'll be able to pass these cute clothes down to
Grace one day and she'll be able to enjoy spring days in cute clothes.



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