Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chore Chart with FREE Printables

chore chart

My theory had always been -
"We all do chores because we are part of the family. We don't get paid for those chores."
I didn't grow up with paid chores, or a job chart, or an allowance and I feel like
I turned out pretty well and manage my finances just fine.
(Though my husband would beg to differ!)
However, as my kids have gotten older I was struggling to keep up with all the
chores that need to be done everyday - especially during the summer.
And I started feeling like they did need to have definite chores to complete each
day and that they should be compensated monetarily for doing some of those chores.

So, VOILA! Here is my solution - a chore chart for my kids!
I'm a visual person. I like to see "check" that is done and move on to the next thing.
So, I made a reusable to-do list chore chart for JT and Isabella.
On the left side are the jobs to be done each day and they move the
icon to the right side when they've completed the job.
I laminated the chart and icons and used Velcro to adhere the icons to the chart.
I put magnets on the back of the chore chart and it is displayed on the refrigerator.

chore chart

The first chore they both complete every morning is the "Morning Routine".
This involves several steps: 
get dressed, put pajamas away, eat breakfast, clean up breakfast dishes, and brush your teeth.
I made a visual card that is also on the refrigerator so they make sure they do all
of the things that are included in the morning routine.

The evening routine isn't a chore on the chore chart, but it is also on the
refrigerator as a reminder of what needs to happen each evening when I say -
"Go get ready for bed!"

chore chart icons

Then, both JT and Isabella have seven other chores that need to be completed before
they can choose to play or use a screen time ticket (more on that later)
 Some of their chores are the same and a few are specific to the child.

 JT's (who is 8 years old) current job list:
morning routine
clean bedroom/make bed
read 30 minutes
mind work
unload the dishwasher
put away laundry
take out the trash

Isabella's (who is 5 years old) current job list:
morning routine
clean bedroom/make bed
read 30 minutes
mind work

put away laundry

wipe down all the sinks
pick up the living room

You can download a blank chore chart and chore icons for use in your home!
Come back tomorrow to find out how I compensate my kids for their chores
and how we keep track of the money and pay it out.

chore chart allowance card


Noor Janan said...

This blog post has helped me in so many ways, I just learned the easiest way to share my printables, what Google drive shows the thumbnail! I don't believe how easy that is and kicking myself I didn't think of that...

Then of course your punch cards are simply wonderful!

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