Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Virtual Halloween Costume Linky Party!

It's time again for the Funky PolkaDot Giraffe Virtual Costume Party!

So come and link up your COSTUMES -
handmade or store bought!
We all want to show off how awesome our kids looked
and get some credit for the work we put into it.
Because we all know,
even getting them into the costumes and look at the camera is HARD WORK!

Plus, it will make us all post
our Halloween pictures in a timely manner ;)

So I'll get this party started.
Here's my Peanut's Gang and the Great Pumpkin.
This costume idea came about because it's just too dang hot in
Southern California in October, so we scrapped the Harry Potter and
the wizard robes and house scarves idea and went with something that wouldn't
make the kids sweat to death during Campy Spooky at the beginning of October.

I have to say that the Great Pumpkin is pretty dang cute!
We recycled JT's pumpkin costume from his preschool days,
so hers was the easiest costume of the bunch.
baby pumpkin costume

JT's costume was the next easiest to make.
In addition to Linus' trademark striped shirt,
I also followed Linus' lead and made a sign to welcome The Great Pumpkin.

We found the t-shirt at Walmart and I used a fabric paint marker and masking tape
to turn it from a plain red t-shirt into Linus' trademark lined shirt.
Then, I made a sign in Photoshop, taped it to a long paint brush, grabbed a old
blue dish towel from the kitchen and we were good to go!

linus costume great pumpkin

Now, usually Sally wears a pink dress, but in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Sally wears a blue polka dot dress.

Isabella's dress is also made from a t-shirt and it was trickier to alter it and make 
it into a cute little dress.
I will post a quick tutorial next week on how I made it with some fabric paint
and a few tucks and times through the sewing machine.
I even made a faux collar to make it fancy.
sally great pumpkin costume

Now it's your turn to link up!
Add your costumes and visit to two that posted before you
and leave them some love.



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