Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Product Review: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System

Disclosure: I was given Smile Brilliant for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I was intrigued when Smile Brilliant contacted me about doing a review for them.
Their website said that their trays were custom-fitted and lab created and I wanted to 
see how they would accomplish such a feat.
I had custom bleaching trays made by a dentist before I got married
and I remember the dental assistant mixing stuff, and putting it into trays and having
me bite down and the nerves that came from being in a dentist's chair.
So, if I could get custom whitening trays without a trip to the dentist, I was in!

Before using Smile Brilliant
My tray creation kit arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to find two sets of paste
in the Tray Creation Kit that arrived in the mail.
I read the directions, prepped my teeth, watched the YouTube video and 
mixed and made my own impressions. 
My kids were totally intrigued by the blue paste and what I was doing.
I'm glad they sent extra impression material, because my first attempt didn't go very well.
But, after doing it wrong once, I had no other problems.

The turn around time for the arrival of my custom whitening trays was QUICK!
Smile Brilliant also sent me my plaster molds so I could see how the
trays were created from the impressions that I sent them.

I thought it was super cool to see that they are created in a lab
just as if I had gone to the dentist and had them made.
It was easy, convenient and painless.
All things I appreciate when it comes to my teeth!

I've done a couple of treatments and I'm pleased with the results.
I used the desensitizing gel during the treatments, because the sensitivity during
whitening treatments has been my biggest complaint in the past.
The next time I do a whitening treatment I would like to try it without the
desensitizing gel to see if can see a difference.

Here is a picture of my teeth after two treatments.
They are coming a long nicely. I don't drink coffee or smoke, but I do
love me some Diet Coke, so I know that they can use some brightening and whitening.
You can get Smile Brilliant for $119.95 right now - saving $60 from the original
price of $179.95 and save yourself a trip to the dentist and dentist prices!



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