Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Summer Fun at Knott's Berry Farm

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The school year is wrapping up at our house and we are gearing up for summer.
When I asked my kids what things they wanted to put on our Summer Bucket List
it was a unanimous KNOTT'S BERRY FARM!
Summer is the perfect time to head to Knott's because there are so many new
and exciting things popping up for summer time.

First up is Knott's new ride - Voyage to the Iron Reef!
Knott's Berry Farm's newest attraction, Voyage to the Iron Reef, is open and it's amazing!
This interactice 4-D ride will take you on a wild adventure in your very own 
4-person submarine through underwater forests, crazy ocean currents, and mechanical
wreckage that is brought to life through high definition 3-D animation.
Voyage to the Iron Reef is the kind of ride you will want to ride over and over
to try and get your high score, beat your friends, and experience the amazing 3-D graphics.
Be sure to hit the medallions and aim for the Kraken Queen's tentacles.

I'm also excited for the debut of Vertical Impact! on the Calico Square Stage.
The new stunt is packed with trampoline tricks, BMX jumps, and lots of surprises.
And after sunset the show becomes even more exciting when it becomes
Vertical Impact: Geared Up! This pumped up night show has dramatic lighting effects,
heart stopping moments and an all new soundtrack.

If you love the ice shows at the Charles M. Schultz theater then you are in for a treat
when Blockbuster Beagle!. . .on ice kicks off June 13th. Snoopy and his buddies
"go Hollywood" in this brand new production on ice.

Other fun to be had a Knott's Berry Farm this summer:

Ghost Town Streetmosphere will put you smack dab in the middle of the Wild West.
It will be alive with townsfolk like newcomers Clem Culpepper, the ever hopeful gold miner, 
Ma & Pa Shine, our resident moonshiners & Nathan Quickly, the Pony Express Agent. 
But don't forget your returning favorites and be sure to say "howdy" to Dusty Trail, 
who’s never without her six-shooter, Miss Ruby, the purtiest Saloon Gal in town, 
Miss Apple the School Teacher,and the rest of the Calico townsfolk. 
Krazy Kirk and Hillbillies at the Birdcage Theater get krazy this summer when they
perform their toe tappin', knee slappin', side splittin' country comedy show. 
 Also at the Birdcage on Tuesday and Wednesdays is the Marshal Purdy Show that is
sure to tickle your fancy and bust your gut! 

My kids love the Fool's Gold Stunt Show on the Wagon Camp Stage.
Will the bad guys be able to re-route and steal the gold? You'll only find out if you
come see this rowdy, comical western stunt show.

If you like a good dance party, you'll want to head to Knott's this summer on
Monday and Tuesday evenings for the Boardwalk Dance Party!
DJ Howly, one of Orange County's most requested "mixers & spinners" will 
have you waving your hands in the air, like you just don't care!

Be sure to head over to the Camp Snoopy Theater with the littles to check out
Charlie Brown's Happy Campers. Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Snoopy himself
perform in a show that is sure to make an outdoorsman out of anybody!

There's even more fun this summer with Big Band Swingin' Sundays,
Salsa Bands on the Fiesta Plaza Stage, The Big Fat Steve Band, Mystery Lodge,
 and many more. So be sure to come for Voyage to the Iron Reef and stay for
all the amazing entertainment and fun this summer at Knott's Berry Farm!


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