Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Food: Campfire Woof 'Ems

Woof 'Ems!!! These are a fun treat that the Armstrong clan likes to share around the
beach fire pit during summer nights.
My sister-in-law learned about them first and then came home and said we had to try them.
I adore them. Even better than a S'more.
True story.

We were just in Utah and enjoyed a fun campfire night with my side of the family
at my parents' house and I shared with them the wonder of the Woof 'Em.

You'll need:

* Refrigerator biscuits

I like to use already made pudding because it travels well,
doesn't need refrigeration, and is quick and easy.

*Whipped Cream
 Due to a traumatic experience as a child, I am just warming
up to the idea of whip cream :)

*Roasting Sticks

*Woof 'Em Pegs
I've seen them made on the end of a wooden broom stick handle,
but my father-in-law made these fancy pegs by cutting up a wooden closet rod,
rounding the corners with belt sander, and drilling holes for the roasting sticks to slip into.
They work perfectly!

Fancy, huh?

Take one refrigerator biscuit and flatten it out and shape
it around your woof 'em peg.
You don't want it too thick in any one spot so that you can
get it to cook all the way through and you don't end up with
a doughy, yucky woof 'em cup.

Cook your woof 'em cup over an open flame.
It will puff up all nice and yummy!

Slide your woof 'em cup off the peg.
Spoon your pudding of choice into the the woof 'em cup.
If you did mix your own pudding - it's wise to do it in Ziploc bag.
Then you can snip of the end and squirt it right into your cup.

Now doesn't that look yummers???
If you're a food masochist you can add some whipped cream to the top. LOL

Now I bet you're wondering where the name Woof 'Em comes from.
We call them Woof 'Ems because you make them and then you "woof 'em down".
My husband said that the correct terminology is "wolf them down",
but who says it that way?!

So much better than a S'more because you get the sweet (pudding) with the savory (biscuit).
The sweetness isn't overwhelming like the marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker
combo of a S'more.
You could also get crazy and fill it with different pie fillings or delicious
ingredients like we do with our campfire cones.


Crystal said...

Those look awesome!! I'm gonna have to find a campfire to do this soon :)


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