Friday, August 21, 2015

First Day of School Printable Signs: Back to School

first day of school printable

Your mom might be a blogger if she makes you dress up the week before school starts
in your first day of school clothes so that she can snap pictures of you with the fun
Back to School signs she made for this year. The kids were like, "What are we doing?"
I told them not to worry and just to smile. I have mixed feelings about summer coming
to an end and a new school year starting. I love the excitement of getting ready for
school tostart and the anticipation of finding out who their new teachers will be.
However, I'm sad to see our carefree summer days come to an end and have a
reminderthat my babies aren't babies and are growing up in to wonderful people.

I've made First Day of School signs every year since JT was in Kindergarten, 
whether they were handwritten or created in Photoshop and printed off 5 minutes
before we run out the door. I love marking time with the signs and then snapping a last
day of school photo at the end of the year and seeing the growth and progress from the
first to the last day of school. Time is a thief.

Like I mentioned before, I usually do the signs last minute and then we snap the pictures,
load into the car and I never share with you what I've made. But this year I am on top of 
it and I designed an entire set from Pre-school to 6th grade for you to print off and 
document your first days of school all over the world. Also, we usually start school after 
Labor Day and by then the entire Universe has been in school for what seems like 
forever, but our school district has finally wised up and we're starting in August like the 
rest of the world.

I'm pretty sure that it's going to be an amazing year! I'm kind of nervous that JT is going
to be in Fourth Grade! I mean, that's upper grades! What the heck?! I taught one year
of Fourth Grade and I have to admit it wasn't my favorite year of teaching. I loved the
kids, but it was stressful to be new to the state and teaching a grade I hadn't had any
previous experience with. But I survived and I still think of those kids fondly, even if they
did kind of freak me out because some of them were almost as tall as I was!

So, if you'd like to print a cute First Day of School sign to help you document this big
day,then click on the link below to find the complete set of signs from Preschool to
6th grade,including a Pre-K sign if you're lucky enough to have that in your life!
Have a fabulous first day of school and an awesome new school year!




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