Friday, January 22, 2016

Minecraft Perler Bead Valentines

Minecraft Perler Bead valentines

It's no secret that we love Minecraft at our house. So we decided to mix two things
that we love - Minecraft and perler beads - and create the ultimate handmade
valentine creation last year. I loved these handmade valentines because JT enjoys
making perler bead art, so I wasn't just making 35 Minecraft perler bead hearts
all by myself the night before the Valentine's Day class party.

minecraft valentine

We worked together over the two to three weeks leading up to the Valentine's Day
class party making the cute little pixel hearts. He would put 4-5 together on a
perler bead board and then I would iron them for him. It was fun to have a craft that
we could work together on and spend a little time together to work on them.
Once we had all the Minecraft life hearts made, then I designed the front and back of
the cards. The back of the card says "Be Minecraft" and I used a fun Minecraft font.
For the front of the card I designed a Minecraft Creeper face. JT was really happy
with how they turned out.

Then I cut the front and back to the same size, used my adhesive tap runner to stick the
two together and then use Glue Dots to stick the perler bead hearts to the valentine.
I print the back of the cards on my home printer, since they were black and white.
For the Creeper side I print them four to a sheet as 8x10 at Costco and they turned
out perfectly.

They were a big hit with his classmates and JT was really happy he had helped to
put them together. A couple of years ago his class had a handmade yard sale of sorts
where the kids could make something and then sell it for class money. JT made a variety
of perler bead designs and made the most at the sale. Ever since then, he had been hooked
on perler beads and they are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

The nice thing about the Minecraft hearts is that they only use three colors of perler beads
and so once you get everything organized, they are really easy to put together. 
In fact, the hearts are so easy that Isabella even made some non-Minecraft perler bead hearts
that I will share next week. 

If you'd like to give some Minecraft health and hearts to your Valentine, then you can
click the link to print your own Minecraft Perler Bead Valentines.
Do you like to make handmade valentines? Where do you find your inspiration?


Lou Lou Girls said...

Love! Pinned and tweeted! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at our linky party. We hope to see you next Monday @ 7 because we can’t wait to see your new creations! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

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