Monday, February 1, 2016

Adorable Valentines: Cootie Catcher Card Valentines

Disclosure: I was sent product from Peaceable Kingdom for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I was first introduced to Peaceable Kingdom a few years ago when my sister gave us
their Lost Puppies game for Christmas. It was a cooperative game where all the players
work together for the same outcome. It's so fun to play and I've loved Peaceable Kingdom
ever since, especially their mission to "Make good, do good, be good!"
Not only do they have fun games, birthday cards and stickers, 
they also have an adorable line of Valentines.

My favorite are the Cootie Catcher Cards!
They bring back such fond memories of being elementary school and making homemade
cootie catchers with my friends and the fun we had together. We used to spend hours folding
paper and thinking of creative sayings and phrases and fortunes for the insides of our
cootie catchers. These Valentine Cootie Catchers come flat and ready to slip into
envelopes to give to your Valentines. Then they can fold them and have lots and lots of fun!

Each box has 28 valentines and 28 envelopes. There are 4 different styles, so you can pick
just the right cootie catcher for each of your friends. They are made of sturdy, glossy paper
and will offer lots of laughs and fun for your children and their friends. I love that they are
pre-folded and ready to give. Because although I loved making cootie catchers as a kid,
I don't think it would be near as fun to cut and fold 28 to give away to friends.

Isabella loves the bright colors and cute graphics on each of the four styles. She has
already started her list of which friends get which design. You can get the
Valentine Cootie Catcher Valentine Card Pack from Amazon for $12.99 and can get
them before Valentine's Day if you order soon!

If cootie catchers aren't your thing or if the boy in your life is looking for something a little
more sporty they also have a Play Ball! Super Valentine Card Pack that
has 28 sport-themed cards, 28 envelopes, and 40 stickers to share. Or for your dinosaur
expert there are the Dinosaurs Grape Scented Scratch and Sniff Valentine Cards. What dinosaur
lover wouldn't think those were cool?

No matter your child's interest, Peaceable Kingdom has an adorable and fun
Valentine pack for you! Whether it be cootie catchers, scratch and sniff,
mustaches, red reveal, temporary tattoos,
or bookmarks (I have my eye on the Pop-Out Zombie Bookmark Valentine Cards),
Peaceable Kingdom has you covered!

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