Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Becoming Adventurous: Family Adventures with an Adventure Impaired Mom

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It's no secret that I'm not an outdoor-adventurous kind of mom. The dirt, the mud,
the grass stains, the mess, the horror! I get a little panicky when I think of all the laundry
and mess that goes along with outdoor adventures. However, in an effort to step outside
of my comfort zone and be a cooler and more adventurous mom, I've started trying
new things with my kids over the past few months to get us outside and more active.
This means more fun, but it also means more muddy laundry, so thank goodness for
all® free clear detergent to save the day and calm my adventure impaired heart.

After an afternoon of geocaching and climbing through weeds, bushes, and shrubs,
it's nice to know that I'm washing my kids' clothes with #1 recommended brand by
dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians. And while all® free clear detergent is
100% free of dyes and perfumes, it is not intended to treat or prevent allergies.
However, I take comfort in the fact that it removes 99% of the top every day
and seasonal allergens - like dog and cat dander, dust mite matter, ragweed,
and grass and weed pollen. This is important to our family because all three of my kids
have allergies and sensitive skin. I love that all® free clear detergent gets rid
of the allergens, is gentle on their sensitive skin, and gets the play clothes
clean and stain free.

I love that the kids can enjoy a day at Adventure Playground with friends, exploring all
the dirty, unstructured play that it has to offer, and I can sit in the shade and not worry
about all the "things" they will bring home on their clothes. 
I know that all® free clear detergent will take care of all of those "things" 
and won't irritate their skin in the process.

Adventure Playground is the perfect place for them to explore and create
and just be kids. I really appreciate that our city has created a setting that allows for this.
Regular parks are great, but I love the open space and the non-directed play areas
that allow the kids to just be kids without too much adult intervention.

My Isabella has the most sensitive skin of all three of my kids. She has to be really 
careful with what comes in contact with her skin and I have to be extra careful
with what I wash her clothes with. There were times she would scratch 
herself to bleeding and I felt helpless to know what to help her. 
Since using all® free clear detergent over the last few years, 
she has been pretty much rash and eczema free and I'm so thankful!

So whenever we're running low, I head to Sam's Club and pick up 
all® free clear detergent so that I can keep the kids' clothes clean, allergen free,
and ready for our next family adventure. It really has been good for my family for me
to feel like I have the freedom to let my kids have those adventures.
I honestly used to send the kids with my husband for the "dirty" things because it
was just too anxiety inducing, but now I'm the one leading the walks and hikes.
I even planned and executed a family camping trip during spring break and I loved it.
Who am I?

So, if you are adventure impaired like I am, there is hope thanks to all® free clear detergent.
I know my kids are a lot happier when they're unplugged, outdoors, and are given the
chance to explore and play without too much direction from me. Especially since
I no longer shout - be careful, you're going to get dirty!

Are you adventure impaired like me?
Or are you an adventure loving mama?
How do you help create opportunities for adventure and free play for your family?
I need all the help I can get!


Carolyn said...

Adventure Playground looks awesome! Would have loved to play there as a kid. #client


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