Monday, April 18, 2016

Kids Get Creative at the Storymakery in Irvine {GIVEAWAY}

Disclosure: We were invited to experience the Storymakery firsthand. All opinions are my own.

Tucked into the shops of the Irvine Spectrum is a delightful little spot called the
the Storymakery. Inside you will find a colorful space where your children can
be the creator of their own story and participate in taking that story from an idea
to a finished and printed book that they keep forever.
Both JT and Isabella love to write and create stories, so they were thrilled with
the opportunity to experience the Storymakery for themselves.

First, the kids started at the Character Studio where they created the main character
for their story. They worked together to decide if the main character should be a boy or a girl,
a person or an animal, and deciding on his characteristics and personality.

In the Imagination Forest they looked for an idea on the "leaves" as a jumping point
for their character's story. There are all types of ideas and every type of genre.

After they chose an idea in the Imagination Forest, then it was off
to the Writing Studio to work with a member of the Muse Staff to write
their story. JT and Isabella were lucky enough to work with the Storymakery's
owner, Payal Kindinger. She asked them questions about their ideas, their 
character, and gave them guidance to give their story the life.

Grace even wanted to get in the writing action!

After their story was all written, then it was off to the Publishing Studio to
create the illustrations, dedication and cover. They then eagerly watched the
printing room for their story to become a real life book that they can keep forever.

It was such a delightful and creative experience for the kids. I love that
they have a story to keep forever and that they worked together to create it.
The Storymakery has a couple of different options for creating a story,
including the ability to host you for a birthday party experience!

We loved our experience so much and I'm thrilled that the Storymakery
has given me a $25 gift certificate and a creative writing journal to giveaway
to one of my lucky readers! Now you can experience the creative process at
the Storymakery with your children for yourself!


Surbhi K. said...

Make believe for sure, my 5 years old daughter is way into Peter Pan character ever since she was 2!

Staci said...

I believe that my daughter would chose to write about her life for the basis of her story. She always loves telling people about her own adventures, even the ones in the backyard so I don't believe she'd want to make up a make believe character.

Unknown said...

My son has been telling stories about a mouse for several years now, so he would probably write/create a book about him :)


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