Monday, June 20, 2016

Johnny Rockets Auditions New Veggie Burger Option + {Giveaway}

Disclosure: I was invited to try new veggie burger options at Johnny Rockets by Gigasavvy. All opinions are my own. 

Johnny Rockets has been doing burgers and fries since 1986 and now, 30 years later,
they are taking their menu to the next level and using consumer research to take their
core menu items to the next level. They want each item to be the best that it can be,
and if it's not, they are making adjustments to make sure they are serving the best food.
I had the opportunity to do a tasting and give my feedback as Johnny Rockets looks to
choose a new veggie burger for their menu. It was kind of fun to have a behind the
scenes access to how the research is done, to try the different veggie patties in their
original, non-embellished forms, and give my honest opinion on each patty.

I tried five different vegetable patties and rated each separately in different categories
like taste, texture, and seasoning. We weren't told what the ingredients of each burger
were, so it was a completely "blind" tasting. It was fun to try to guess what was in each
of the patties. My favorites were "B" and "E". I absolutely did not like "A" at all.
And "D" was interesting with all the actual visible veggies. We ate the patties plain,
without buns or condiments, so that we could really get the flavor and taste of each option.

The chef and kitchen staff made up several veggie burgers at the end so that we could
get a vision of how the new veggie patty will be plated and served when it's chosen.
You know how bloggers love our pretty food pictures. I'm really hoping that either
"B" or "E" are chosen as the new veggie burger option and I will definitely be heading
into Johnny Rockets to taste it once it's chosen and served up at one of the 350
franchise or corporate locations in 28 countries around the world.

Have you ever participated in a food tasting focus group to choose a new menu item?
Did you enjoy the experience?

Johnny Rockets has given me a pair of "Be Our Guest" hamburger meal
cards to give away to ONE lucky reader so you can come and try out the new and
improved menu items for yourself!
Enter below. Open to US residents 18 years old and older.

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Kathy E. said...

I haven't had a good veggie burger in a long time, but now you've got me thinking about having one! My favorite Johnny Rocket menu item is the Smokehouse that BBQ/ranch sauce!

cp said...

turkey burger and chocolate milkshake. yum! we love johnny rockets!!

Unknown said...

I love their milk shakes!!

mmstarla said...

Those burgers do look really good- I love that they are testing out options. My favorite has always been the chicken tenders! starla

Cas P said...

i love the cheeseburgers and shakes.


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