Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tutorial: Favorite Music Lyrics Piano Tote Bag

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I love music. It has always been a huge part of my life and I love
how hearing a song can take you right back to a particular moment in time
and it feels like you are living it all over again. I always have a song running through
my head and can almost always think of a song lyric for any particular situation.
My friend once said, "You really do have a song for everything!"
It's so true! One day I'd love to put together the soundtrack of my life playlist
and have all those important songs all together make a musical trip down memory lane.

I'm so excited about the Share a Coke Sweepstakes! Especially because of the awesome
"Share A Coke Share A Song" bottles with favorite song lyrics on them!

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1. Snap a selfie with your favorite lyrics on a Share a Coke® bottle or can*
2. Upload your selfie to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ShareaCokeSweepstakes
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I had a blast at my local Albertsons going through all the bottles of Diet Coke® and 
Coca-Cola Zero™ and finding bottles with lyrics from some of my favorite songs.
You can even download the Shazam app on iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and other
devices to find your Coca-Cola Share a Song! So fun!
It inspired me to make a tote bag that was inspired by one of my favorite song lyrics
"But I won't last a day without you." It totally takes me back to road trips with my
family to Idaho to visit my grandparents in the summer. And I love sharing the song
with my own kids as we make summer memories.

To make this musical piano tote bag you will need:
Rotary cutter
sewing machine
1" masking tape
seam allowance gauge

 Black fabric cut to the following dimensions
3 pieces 18x14
1 piece 6.5x14
1 piece 8.5x14
10 pieces 1.75x3.5

Contrasting black fabric cut to the dimensions
2 pieces 16x14
2 pieces 5x26
White fabric cut to the dimensions
1 piece 15x8

1. Cut your 10 pieces of fabric 1.75x3.5 - these will be your keys.
2. Using your seam allowance gauge, iron three of the side in a half inch
on the bottom and long sides to make the .75x2.5 in size.
3. Fold the white piece of fabric in half and iron.
Using the masking tape, start .75 inches from the sides, mark 1" intervals.
Then sew down either side of the tape with black thread to make the white keys.
I used a triple stitch on my machine to make them more pronounced.

 4. Pin the iron black keys onto the white keys using the pattern
3 black, space, 2 black, space, 3 black, space, 2 black.
5. Sew the pinned black keys to the white keys.
6. Now take the 6.5x14 piece of fabric and pin it to the top of your black
keys with right sides together and sew.
7. Repeat with the 8.5x14 piece by sewing it to the bottom of the white keys.
I top stitched along the seams to keep them laying nicely.

 8. Take two of your 18x14 pieces of black fabric and your two
contrasting 16x14 pieces to make some pockets on your bag.

9. Iron your 16x14 pieces in half  so they are 8x14 and pin them to
your 8x14 pieces of fabric and sew with a basting stitch around 3 sides.

10. Fold the piece in half and mark the middle with a piece of masking tape
and then sew down that middle mark to make 2 separate pockets on each.

11. Choose your song lyrics and sketch them onto your fabric above one pocket
with a white fabric pencil. Then hoop and use a back stitch to embroider them
onto your bag.

 12. Now all your pieces are ready to put together into a bag! Put
the keyboard and song lyrics with right sides together, pin, and sew with
a 3/8" seam allowance on three sides, leaving the top open. Repeat with your
interior lining pieces.

13. Pinch and flatten the corners of each "bag" and sew a line 1 1/2" from the
point to create a boxy bottom.

 15. For your straps, take your 5"x26" pieces and iron them in half with
wrong sides together. Then open up and iron each side into the middle crease
you create. Then fold over and iron closed do you don't have any exposed seams.

16. Turn your interior lining piece right sides out and slip it inside your piano/lyrics
exterior fabric so that the right sides are together.

17. Pin your straps in between the right sides about 2.5" from the sides of the bag.

 18. Sew up the top of the bag with a .5" seam allowance, making sure
to leave a 2"-3" opening for turning the bag right side out.

19. Turn your bag right side out and then push the lining into the bag
and top stitch around the bag to make it looked finished and close up the
hole you left for turning.

Now you have an adorable bag that you can carry around that will remind
you of a special moment in life. I know that whenever I load this baby up with
Diet Coke and Coke Zero and head out with the family, I'll always remember how
special those summer road trips to my grandparents were and try to make
memories with my own kids.

I know that expressing myself through music is already rubbing off on my
kids because they love singing and I catch them singing lyrics to some of our
favorite songs throughout the day. I love how sharing music as a family helps
us anchor to one another and have a shared interest that we can all participate in.
It's really fun to break out the disco ball wireless speaker, throw on our favorite
songs, and sing our hearts out while having a dance party.

I know that music has gotten me through a lot of tough times in my life and
whenever I need a little pick me up I find good songs with lyrics
 that either lets me mope until I feel better or rev me up and snap me out of it.

Is music a big part of your life?
What lyrics speak to your soul? I'd love to hear them!!!


Unknown said...

I want one of these bags! You should totally sell them. :) It's fun to see the love to music pass on to the kids, I agree. It's really cute when they start grooving to their own tunes. {client}

Unknown said...
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