Monday, July 11, 2016

Adventure City: Little Theme Park with Big Family Fun {GIVEAWAY}

I've lived in Orange County for almost 13 years and feel like I have a pretty good
handle on most the fun things there are to do with kids and the family here. We like a
good adventure, so we're always trying new things and checking out new places to play
together, as well as re-visiting some of our favorite places. However, I had no idea
what fun there was to be had Adventure City in Anaheim! I've driven down Beach Blvd
and past Adventure many times, but never knew that a whole cute little amusement park
waited behind the gates.

As soon as we entered the gates of Adventure City the kids were in awe of how fun it
looked. They ran right over to the Giggle Wheel and hopped in line - which was only
3-4 people deep. That was a reoccurring experience the entire day we were there.
The lines were short and quick and the kids got to get on rides quickly. Which if you've
ever been to an amusement park and had to wait longer than 5 minutes for a ride with
kids, then the whining and the complaining starts about why it's taking so long. That was
never the case while we were at Adventure City. And there were summer camps and
groups there just like at the other amusement parks in the area we go to, but it just
wasn't as crowded and was so much fun.

I also loved that almost every ride was something that each of my kids could ride
if they wanted to. Grace was in heaven. When we go to other amusement parks, we
have to divide and conquer so that the big kids can do the big rides and Grace can do
the little rides and everyone is kept happy and no one is left out. At Adventure City
we could wait in line together, ride the rides together, and stay together and have a true
family day. On the "big" rides that only JT wanted to ride, the lines were so short that
we didn't mind waiting 5 or so minutes for him to ride the roller coaster.
We also loved all the cute photo opportunities at Adventure City. The park is family
owned and operated and they even made these adorable cut outs for photos. There
are lots of fun places throughout the park to take pictures, so be sure you look for them
and snap some great pictures of your own.

 Isabella came upon the Party Tree on our way to Rewind Racers and she fell in love.
She wants to have her birthday party in December at Adventure City and invite all
her friends to have as much fun as she had that day. She's my nervous girl and a little
skittish of rides, but she wanted to ride almost everything at Adventure City and 
kept talking about how it was the best place ever! They have several birthday party options.
So, be sure to check it out for your next party!

I loved the carousel. It was pretty and happy and just screams - BIG FUN! to me.
The girls had so much fun riding it several times in a row because the wait lines were low.
Across from the carousel is Parker's Fill-Up Station where you can get a variety of foods,
drinks, and snacks for everyone in your group. They have fresh, hot pizza, sandwiches,
salads, hot dogs, curly fries, pretzels, churros, ICEEs, ice cream, and even sliced apples
with caramel swirled on top. It all looks and sounds so delicious!!

For the bigger kids in your life that might not get their thrill on the Adventure
City Express Train or Crank and Roll, there are also attractions that they will enjoy.
JT loved the Rewind Racers! It looked like a blast! If you want to see how much
fun he had, then check out the video on my YouTube channel to see what a great thrill
it is. There is also Drop Zone, Rock Climbing, and an Arcade that are all geared toward
the older kids and kids at heart in the family.

Check out our Snapchat story about the fun day we at at Adventure City!

The great people at Adventure City have given me a 4-pack of tickets
to give away to my awesome readers! So use the Rafflecopter widget below
and enter to win today! 


Surbhi K. said...

The fire truck ride looks cute! My kiddos would love this, thanks for the chance!

Elena said...

I wan to try the Freeway Coaster

Kamille said...

This looks like SO much fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

anne n said...

My family would love the Rewind racers!

GrammyK said...

I too have driven past there hundreds of times and never knew what they had to offer. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love to take my grandkids! just about the same ages as your kids, so I know they would have a blast.

Lori + Jason said...

I am most excited to try the Balloon ride!

boyzrule said...

The rewind racers look fun!
Debnmike moretti

Kelly said...

Freeway Coaster!


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