Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Boudin Bakery's New Hawaiian BBQ Dishes + {GIVEAWAY}

Boudin Bakery has brought the Hawaiian Islands to the mainland and you aren't going to
want to miss their new delicious Hawaiian BBQ inspired dishes. If you love a good luau
with delicious Hawaiian barbecued pork, then it's time you get to Boudin before these
yummy flavors take flight over the Pacific to the Islands they were inspired by.
P.S. It wasn't until I was editing my photos that I realized we were photobombed by Chef Alan!

For a limited time you can enjoy the Aloha BBQ Pork Sandwich, the Luau BBQ
Pork Salad, or the Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich. Or better yet, take two friends with
you, each order one of these amazing dishes and then you can share and
try them all!

We recently attended an intimate luau hosted by Boudin and had the opportunity
to try all three of the dishes. We were also treated to special demonstrations by
Corporate Chef Alan where he showed us how the chefs at Boudin create these
delicious Hawaiian BBQ dishes. It was fun to get a behind the scenes look at how
they are made and pick up a few kitchen tips to help make my own food a little
more flavorful and exciting.

The Luau BBQ Pork Salad is a spring mix topped with roasted BBQ pork, red and
green cabbage, carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper, house-made caramelized pineapple,
pickled red onion, almonds, and cilantro tossed with a ginger soy BBQ vinaigrette.

The Aloha BBQ Pork Sandwich has roasted BBQ pork, house-made caramelized
pineapple, pickled red onion and cilantro in ginger soy BBQ sauce, on a garlic-buttered
toasted sourdough baguette.

The Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich has roasted BBQ pork and house-made coleslaw on
a garlic-buttered toasted sourdough baguette.
They were all equally delicious because they all have the amazing Boudin roasted BBQ
pork on them - which means it's spiced, roasted slow, and then a little bit saucy!
 My favorite that day was the Luau Salad because I was in a salad mood and the flavor
combinations were on point! So yummy!

Chef Alan taught us how to make amazing coleslaw at home and he got down to the
fact that you need to start with fresh, quality ingredients. And that is how every dish
at Boudin begins. They prep and chop everything on site - especially things like the
caramelized pineapple. It is cut, grilled and caramelized on location so it is fresh and
ready to be served up to each and every person that orders.

I think I am going to have to try and make some coleslaw myself because Chef Alan
made it look like it was no big deal. However, he is a trained chef that creates amazing
food, so I'm guessing that's why it looked easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Ha!

The kids' favorite part of the luau is Mr. Chad! He is fantastic and teaches them lots of
fun things while we get to learn from Chef Alan. This time he taught them how to hula
and even Grace got in on the action. You have to watch the video below because it is
just too cute!

Also, for the month of September Boudin Bakery is again partnering with
#NoKidHungry. Make a $5 donation at your local Boudin and get a coupon book
worth over $25 in savings and 100% of your donation goes to No Kid Hungry!

If you want to get your hula on and try these delicious Hawaiian dishes from Boudin,
then you're in luck because I'm giving away a $25 gift card! Enter below
and be sure to tell me which dish you're most excited to try!


Elena said...

The Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich sounds good

Staci said...

They all sound amazing and I'd love to try them all but if i have to pick one I'd go with the Classic BBQ sandwich.

Kirsten said...

YUM!!! I totally want to try the Aloha BBQ Pork Sandwich - the carmelized pineapple and ginger soy sauce sound soooo tasty!

Surbhi K. said...

The Luau BBQ pork salad, your pictures are making all food irresistible!

JZ said...

Cannot wait to try the bbq pulled sandwich!

Devon F said...

The The Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich looks yummy!

boyzrule said...

The luau BBQ pork salad looks so fresh.

Debnmike moretti


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