Tuesday, March 28, 2017

5 Reasons Your Family Will Love Medieval Times + {{GIVEAWAY}}

Disclosure: We were guests of Medieval Times for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

If you've never been to Medieval Times - how have you let that happen? - and
even if you have, I have five reasons your family will love this fun dinner spot.
Medieval Times is located on Beach Blvd in Buena Park - just down the street
from Knott's Berry Farm. You can't miss it, because it looks like a giant castle
and has a beautiful medieval themed mural painted on the building.
we drive by the "castle" - as my kids call it - they ask when they can go again.

So, let's get started with the FIVE REASONS YOUR FAMILY WILL LOVE

Who doesn't like being treated like royalty and wearing a crown? We all love
finding out which knight we'll be cheering on for the show and getting to
wear crowns in our knight's color! The red knight is one of are favorites, so
they were really psyched when we got fitted with red crowns upon checking
in at the front desk.

Ok, so it's not really baby dragon - it's chicken - but your server will tell the kids
it is baby dragon and they all freak out like, "Is it really mom?!" And they want
to dive right in with their hands and tear their chicken apart because eating
dragon sounds so much cooler than chicken. The bill of fare is delicious! You
won't be disappointed in the menu and there is so much food, you just might 
take home leftovers to enjoy the next day!

What? You didn't get any silverware? Nope, it's not a mistake! You're eating with
your hands. My first time at Medieval Times I searched for the spoon for my
tomato bisque soup for a full minute, before my husband said - "You pick it up
and drink it!" Oh!!!! You drink it!!! Your napkin is nice and sturdy and is great
for cleaning up your hands after you dig into your baby dragon. Plus, your
server will bring you a wet wipe at the end of the meal to get the rest of 
remnants of food so you leave feeling fresh!

I don't think I need to even say more, because, THE ROYAL FALCONER! The 
royal falconer commands the falcon with just the simple tools of the trade. You 
will be amazed as the falcon swoops through the arena and then dives back to the
falconer on command. It really is amazing and I'd love if they added a little
more of the royal falconer to the show because the whole thing is amazing!

If you know Grace, and even if you don't, you've probably heard that she is a
high maintenance little bag of spunk. Once she decides she's done with 
something, it's over and nothing you say and no amount of chocolate are going 
to keep her in her seat because she is ready to move on. It's happened to us at 
the movies and I end walking the hallway with her so everyone else can enjoy 
the show. So, I was worried that I'd be hanging out in the lobby while the rest of 
the family enjoyed the show. Nope. She was captivated. She asked questions, 
wanted to know what the bad guy was going and cheered for the red knight with 
more vigor and vim that anyone in that arena. So, if you're worried about the 
show keeping everyone's attention, there's no need. You'll all be hooked until 
the very end!

This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, the show at Medieval Times is
fantastic. It's not stop action, and I know from personal experience that those
weapons are no joke! They're 100% real and so are the sparks they send flying
when they clash. A king, a fair princess, a villianous stranger, and knights -
how can it not be amazing? You will love it!

If you're looking for something awesome to do during spring break, then you're
Use the code SBEB17 to save $24 on adults and $7 on kids!
The discount is good for every show in March and April 2017.
So, get your spring break on medieval style!

Ok, I know this is what you've all been waiting for! I'm giving away a family
4-pack to Medieval Times Buena Park! Enter below and may the luck of the
falcon be with you!


Elena said...

I am not familiar with their knights as I have never been there before. Would love to win and to try it

boyzrule said...

I like the black and white knight.

Debnmike moretti

Bo said...

The Red Knight would be great to cheer for!

sohamolina said...

The red knight

Sharon said...

We've never been so I guess we would root for the red knights or maybe blue if that's a choice.

Surbhi K. said...

I like to cheer for green knight! We all love the color Green!

Rachel said...

Looks so fun!

Sandra Caballero said...

I would cheer on for The Black & White Knight.

Megan G said...

The Red knight!

Carey said...

I've never been to Medieval Times but if I had to choose I would say the red night :-)

Sandra Caballero said...

How exciting !

Jaime said...


Unknown said...


Karrie said...

The red knight~~~

cp said...

the red knight


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