Thursday, March 23, 2017

{{NEW}} An American Girl Story - Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance #IvyandJulie

Disclosure: This American Girl post was sponsored by KidzVuz for Amazon Studios. All opinions are my own.

I love the American Girl brand because it inspires girls to be their best, stand 
up for what is right, and encourages them to follow their dreams. My Isabella 
loves her Melody and Grace American Girl dolls and she was in heaven when we 
She loves reading the stories and learning more about girls from different time
periods and locations. I like that it broadens her perspective and helps her to
appreciate all that she has been blessed with as a girl growing up now.

On Friday, March 24th Amazon Original Special An American Girl Story - 
Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance will be released on Amazon Prime
Video in the US, UK, Germany and Austria. This new American Girl Story is
set in 1976 San Francisco and chronicles the life of Ivy Ling - a 10-year-old
Chinese-American girl who is trying to find a balance between her Chinese
traditions and obligations and her desire to be like her all-American
best friend, Julie.

I think that all girls go through a period in their life when the grass looks greener
on the other side and you wish you could trade places with your best friend. I
know there were times I wished my mom and dad would let me go to sleepovers
like Jenna's parents or that I could go to the NKOTB concert in 5th grade like
Tiffany's mom took her. However, I think there comes that awakening when you
appreciate all that your parents and grandparents have done to give you the life
that you have and your grass, though maybe a different shade of green, is just
as beautiful as those around you!

Ivy loves gymnastics and it is the most important thing to her - it's her signature
piece. She would definitely prefer to spend her Saturdays getting in extra
practice  than at Chinese school learning Mandarin. However, when her
All-City gymnastic competition happens to fall on the same day as her family's
big Chinese New Year  dinner she is torn.
She turns to her best friend, Julie, to help her make a difficult choice - the
gymnastic meet or the the big family dinner.

I love the scene when Ivy's grandparents share their stories how how they came
to America and how it was difficult for them to find their place in a country. As
she listens to their stories Ivy comes to realize that grandparents also struggled
to find the balance between their Chinese heritage and being "an American".

Another one of my favorite scenes is when Ivy and her mom come to understand
one another and find a compromise that makes both of them happy. I love when
daughters are portrayed as honoring and loving their mothers instead of 
resenting them - as is prevalent in media these days. My mom is one of my best 
friends and I appreciate all she has done for me and I hope my daughters will 
feel that way about me as they grow up. Not to say that I always agreed with her
and didn't wish to wiggle my toes in the grass on the other side every once in
awhile, but I grew up knowing I was loved and that my mom wanted the best
for me and my future.

We popped some popcorn, grabbed Melody and Grace, and snuggled on the
couch to watch Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance. It was a lot of fun to spend
time with Isabella and watch an uplifting movie and encourages her to find her
own way and make important choices, but to also value her mother's opinion
and remember that family is very important.

Will Ivy follow her dreams and compete in the All-City gymnastic meet or will
she honor her family obligations and go to the Chinese New Year dinner? You'll
have to sign into Amazon Kids Prime Video on March 24th and watch the movie
to find out!



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