Friday, February 18, 2011

Funky Friday Feature: Sometimes I Craft Myself

Hello There!!

Hope you all are having a Super Rad Friday! My name is Cory and I'm the lady behind Sometimes I Craft Myself!!!

I started this blog a few months ago because I wanted a place to show off some of the fun things I make. I used to have a Food Storage/Couponing blog, a Cupcake blog and a Family blog. So when I got the idea to start a craft blog, I had to have a serious talk with myself. How many blogs can one girl have??? I decided to start Sometimes I Craft Myself and just combine them all!

One stop blogging. Sweet!

Sometimes I write about my family and my life. Sometimes I write about the cupcakes I bake and decorate. Sometimes I show off my mad couponing skills or share awesome deals I find on the web. And sometimes I Craft.

I especially love to search all the other craft blogs out there and get ideas for things I want to make myself.

I always like to put my special spin on things to make them more "me".

I recently made this cute Button Necklace out of some buttons that my Nana gave to me.

I know that Valentine's Day is over but here's something I recently created for just a few dollars...

It could easily be made into all sorts of shapes or letters for various Holiday's or home decor ideas.

Here's my quick little tutorial for ya.....

First thing you'll need is a picture frame. I chose one that I purchased from Walmart awhile back for $2.00. Then, you'll need some Mod Podge and a brush for application (I only had the Outdoor Mod Podge on hand so I was a bit worried about using it, but it worked wonderfully). Then you'll need some mismatched buttons in various sizes, a scrap of fabric roughly the size of your frame. I choose black but I think pink would be cute too. And last but not least.....a glue gun.

I removed the glass portion out of the frame and applied the Mod Podge to one side. Then I placed my scrap of fabric onto it, smoothing with my fingers to remove any bumps. I let that dry for a bit, then trimmed any excess fabric around the glass. It doesn't have to be perfect because the edges will be hidden behind the frame anyway.

Next, I put the glass portion into the frame, fabric side facing out, and attached the backing of the frame.

Then I got my buttons together and laid them out in a way that I felt worked best for the size of the frame and size of the buttons.

After I had the buttons placed, I took one button at a time, starting from the top of the "L", put a dab of glue on the back of the button, then placed it onto the black fabric. I have to admit that at first I was putting the dab of glue directly on to the fabric then placing the button, but after a few of those, I was sick of removing all those annoying glue gun strings and realized putting the glue onto the back of the button was probably a better way to do things.

Much better and NO STRINGS!!

There ya go!

A super easy, fun, cheap craft.

I hope you'll stop by the blog to check out all the random ramblings, the cupcakes, the recipes, the couponing secrects and especially all the craftiness!


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