Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Par-tay Potatoes (aka Funeral Potatoes)

This weekend I tried two of Julie's favorite recipes - Toffee Crack and Santa Fe Soup.
So I started to wonder, what favorite recipe I could share with you.
And after much deliberation, I settled on Funeral Potatoes.

In the world that I live in Funeral Potatoes are a staple at funerals.
Thus the name Funeral Potatoes.
No joke - if there is a funeral within the church congregation - funeral potatoes are served.
Well, my husband happens to love them
and doesn't think they should only be served at funerals.
Whenever we get together with his family for a big dinner,
most everyone wants them.
However, my mother in law hates that they are called funeral potatoes.
It's just too depressing a name for her liking.
So she is out to change the world and call them PARTY Potatoes.

Well, today I'm out to spread the {love} that is funeral party potatoes.
But I'm taking it one step further and calling them PAR-TAY Potatoes.

If you want to join in the PAR-TAY Potatoes Revolution,
here's what you'll need:
andand CHEESE!
How did I forget to take a picture of the cheese???

Here are the measurements:
1 (32oz) bag of frozen shredded hash browns
2 (10 3/4 oz) cans cream of chicken soup
2 cups sour cream
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup butter, melted
1/3 cup chopped onion (if you like onions)
2 cups corn flakes
2 T butter, melted

Combine soup concentrate, sour cream, cheese, onion and melted butter.

Gently blend in potatoes.

Crush the cornflakes.

Combine the crushed corn flakes and 2 T of melted butter.
Dump the potato/soup concoction into a 9x13 pan.

Sprinkle buttered corn flakes on top
and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
PAR-TAY Potatoes!
What's your family's favorite recipe?
Care to share?

I'll be linking up HERE!


adrienzgirl said...

Funeral potatoes is an awful name. I agree with MIL. Now PAR-TAY potatoes, that sounds awesome. Weird. I know I have had these but I have never heard them called funeral potatoes before now.

Unknown said...

oh my! it's breakfast time and I'm hungry for these dang potatoes!
thanks for the recipe!
As for a family favorite recipe, it'd be our broccoli & cauliflower salad...along side pulled pork. It's a classic.

Bethany said...

Hahaha--the last time I had this was AT a funeral, lol.

StrawberryMel said...

I just call them Cheesy Cornflake Potatoes. I never call them funeral potatoes! :) We love them over here too!

Cory said...

Mmmmmm. Sooo Good.

Ambrosia said...

I have a friend that makes these and would NEVER share the recipe! Thank you sooooo much for posting this - now I can make this for my family. Hopefully they'll get to it before I do so I don't eat half the pan!

Sarah said...

Yuuummm - saving this in my recipe folder RIGHT NOW! Lovin' me some PAR-TAY potatoes! We love turkey tacos at our house. Super simple and sooooo yum!

Rachel said...

I have always known them as "wedding potatoes". All of my Iowa family calls them that! It is a holiday favorite at my house. I discovered that leftover holiday ham is the BEST cut up and baked inside. YUM!

The Galloway Clan said...

Ohmygoodness! That looks absolutely delish! Do the hashbrowns need to be defrosted? Or do you just mix them when they're frozen?

The Preppy Strawberry said...

I thought my family was the only one that called these potatoes Funeral Potatoes! I'm glad to know someone else has the same name for AKA cheesy potatoes<--as my husband calls them! Ever since I was a kid I knew these as funeral potatoes - my husband thought I was ..well nuts when I said while we were dating Oh you mean funeral potatoes. Seriously, I thought everyone called them that!!! LOL

Kimmy said...

Oh my gosh, those look SO good!! I am so going to try this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Jo-Anna@APrettyLife said...

Um yum. Sounds so good!

Lorie said...

Party Potatoes is a much funner name than what we have for them...funeral potatoes!

I wish I would have seen this before I went shopping tonight. My kids LOVE these and they would have been perfect for tomorrow!

Lorie said...

Okay...I missed the whole funeral potatoes line! :P ;D

True story, after my grandfathers funeral, my mom and my aunt wrestled each other (in a cute sisterly way of course) to the kitchen floor for the last serving! ;D

Unknown said...

I've had something similar to these and they are so delicious! I like the name party potatoes instead of funeral potatoes though!

Thanks for sharing in FFA!

Hannah @

Anonymous said...

We just call it hashbrown casserole either way it is sooooo good. Now I want some!

Jo @ SmileMonsters


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