Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I {LOVE} Wednesday: Curly, Pretties & Yummies

{1} MOCHI! Have you had mochi creams?
So yummy! I like mochi on my yogurt at Yogurtland.
But mochi creams have the best of both worlds,
because they have ice cream inside them.
I get mine at the Korean market,
but Cory says you can get them at Trader Joe's.

{2} Fresh & Easy Sweet & Spicy Mixed Nuts
Oh my heck!
Fresh & Easy invited me to a OC blogger even
and I had the date wrong and missed it :(
But the cute rep sent me a care package
(more on that later)
and this yummy stuff was in there.

{3} Being a curly girl.
I used to loathe it.
We call it the Terry Curl.
When you hit puberty, your hair girls.
It happened to me.
I fought it for years.
Easy to fight in dry climates like Utah.
Not so easy in humid SoCal & Iowa.
Now I embrace it.
DevaCurl set me free!

{4} The Button Button Bracelet by Lisa Leonard.
I must have it.
My birthday is coming up {hint, hint}.

{5} If you know me or have followed me for any length of time,
you know that I have a cupcake and mustache obsession!
This combines them both!
Thank you Finley and Oliver.
And this? Yes.

{6} My Vintage Pearl flower & circle necklace.
It makes me happy to have my babies close to me all the time.


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dancin' momma said...

I love the Terry curl. (And am hoping that my girls inherited that gene). Your hair looks so cute!

Tamara said...

i posted a lisa leonard bracelet this week too! a fellow curly-head i'm always on the lookout for new products. hmm...devacurl. never heard of it? can i order it online?

stephanie said...

yay for curly haired girls! i used to loathe it to ; ) love your picks! happy 'what i love wednesday"!!! x0x0

ragamuffinbeauties said...

I big puffy heart your curls! You look adorable friend! PS The cupcake mustache is adorable!

Brandie said...

Too funny, my hair went curly after puberity. I thought I was the only one!


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